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  1. I mostly shoot 1872 open tops .The sights on them are virtually invisible however. When I shoot matches where the target distances are more like the “old days “ I shoot my USFA Rodeos, they have sights I can actually see lol.
  2. Had the pleasure of shooting with him at EOT in a warmup a couple years ago. Awesome guy as well as a great shooter! A class act , for sure!
  3. Thanks! It looks like I can take the gate off without further disassembly, is that correct?
  4. So Dave, are you saying to “Hour Glass” shape it?
  5. I have a Chiappa 1886 Winchester Takedown that I love except for one thing, that’s right , it’s a “meat grinder” on your fingers. ANyone have any info on how to lighten the loading gate on these rifles? It is an exact copy of the Winchester(no funky safety or rebounding hammer, if that matters. Help!
  6. If you don’t mind my asking, who is stopping you from taking pictures?
  7. What diameter bullets do you use ? Might be interested if the whole 44-40 thing isn’t too complicated for me lol. I’ve got an 1894 Marlin I’d trade plus some boot.

  8. Yes , the clowns selling on eBay are wanting NEW price. If I have to pay new price, I’ll buy from Dillon.
  9. Is the rifle stock, or has it been short stroked etc.?
  10. Need another Square Deal B powder measure. Before I buy new, thought I’d see if anyone had a used one they’d let go .
  11. I bought a set of “do it yourself” mold at home about six years ago at Cabelas. Still have ‘em and use ‘em! Cost under $20. Don’t know the brand, all I can tell you is they’re blue lol.
  12. Pm me your phone number if you like, and a good time to call , and I’ll give you the “skinny”. I’ve shot a pair for going on six years.
  13. This is a GREAT match! Some of the best folks I’ve ever met. Had the opportunity to attend a couple years ago and had an AWESOME time! If you all can fit it in your schedule, GO!
  14. If you go with Open Tops , be aware they are NOT good to go out of the box. I’ve been shooting a pair that I had Boomstick Jay work on for five years with no issues. .He hand fitted the internals on these guns and they are awesome. I would say if you’d rather not send them out, go with Rugers.
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