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  1. His parents might not have saved money switching to Geico, but they saved a lot not having to buy Mickey Mouse ears at Disney Land.
  2. Mademoiselle Tiffany has taken over the plastic grocery bag basket as her boudoir.
  3. You are not quite your normal, grumpy, old fart self. Stay OFF your prescription meds for at least two more days. Hopefully, all will be back to normal. Always willing to help. Chas B
  4. Riley was three hours away from being put down. He was abused and would not interact with anyone. Been two years coming up that we have enjoyed each other. He loves road trips, camping and has several kitty buddies. He still is very unsure of other people and is terrified of children. He is great with us and minds very well. We love him and he loves us. Really only thing that counts. His SASS alias is: The Masked Rider of the Purple Sage.
  5. The solar panels actually are two separate circuits. The large center panel is on it's own MPPT controller wired into the two batteries in the original trailer location. The two outboard panels are together on their own MPPT controller wired into the pair of batteries I added. The outboard panels are hinged and swing face to face with the large panel for storage. Each system charges all four batteries. If one system goes down for any reason, I still have solar capability. Being mounted on trip-pods with fifty feet of cable, I can still park under a tree and also do not have to worry about such things as hail damage. Chas B
  6. I made it. Frame material 1.5"X3". The inner piece on each side is welded along 27" of trailer frame and a triangular gusset at the end. As that piece protrudes out of the skirting, it is welded also to the bottom of the rear bumper. The rack just clears the center point of the trailer bumper by 1/4". I used another full length piece of tubing on each side that has an OD = to the ID of the 1.5"X3" tubing. That is slid into the outer tubing on the trailer and then the rack is slid onto the inner tubing. Held in place with four hitch pins. I can remove the two rear pins, one on each side, slide a forklift or bobcat under the rack and remove the entire generator from trailer. I can place on a small Harbor Freight flat trailer and take the generator to a job site, etc. Generator has it's own on/off switch and the one outside electrical box houses a 20amp outlet. The other electrical box is the power outlet for the trailer. That is why the electrical connections to trailer, controls and exterior lights are connected via old style six prong trailer plugs. Also, if I ever sell the trailer, I can also pull the two forward hitch pins and remove the inner tubing. I would only lose the tubing directly welded to the trailer. This has been in place since 2010. I also have three AC powered computer cooling fans mounted in the large bottom vent opening inside the generator side. They are on a toggle switch. In hot weather, I flip the toggle and when the generator runs, the fans draw air into the compartment. I do not need to leave the lid open. On the fuel tank side is the gel cell battery and a 2amp charger that charges when the generator runs. I have also since pics taken added a 3amp solar panel mounted on the passenger side of box. Maintains the gel cell when not in use. Fuel tank is externally vented and the compartment is vented as well. After borrowing several trailers that used a portable, pull the cord generator, I decided we would need a better solution for power. The 3 watt light bulb came on inside my head and this is the solution I came up with. Chas B
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