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  1. 2 hours ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    I loved that old boat! Still miss it. It had a 400 in it with a bad wrist pin and got 18-20 miles a gallon if ya kept her under 75!

    My dad special ordered a 1963 Grand Prix.  Baby blue, navy blue interior.  389 tri-power, Bonneville sport dash with tach, four speed auto and eight bolt aluminum wheels.  What a sleeper that was.

    In 1976, I bought a 1970 two door Bonneville.  Sun City retirement car with 36,000 miles.  It actually had a 455H.O. from the factory with a hood tach.  Gas crunch at that time.  paid $1,300.00 for it.  I miss this one too!

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