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  1. I believe it will depend on timeframe of production.  My early '72 pair in .38 special have smaller diameter cylinders and smaller ID frame dimensions than the pair of pistols I purchased from you in .44.  Therefore, the .44 cylinders will not fit within the frame dimensions of the .38 pistols.  The .38 cylinders do fit the .44 frame guns but with the larger frame opening dimension, the bolt doesn't engage the cylinder notches as strong as it should. The third .44 I purchased from you as a backup does interchange with both.38 caliber guns.  Almost identical cylinder diameter.

    Tomorrow I will get the digital caliper out and give you some diameter measurements.

    Chas B 



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  2. Source of short stroke kit?  Full parts replacement or cut and weld?  

    Maybe something related to the short stroke has changed such as a slightly bent lever.

    Just something to check before throwing more money at it.

    Chas B 

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  3. :FlagAm: Sir, you now truly have God as your copilot.

    I thank you for your dedicated service to this country.  Men the likes of you are extremely hard to find, even more so now when you are needed more than ever.

    God bless.


    Chas B 

  4. :FlagAm: Pair of 4.75" in 44WCF.

            C&I action job with their 

            short stroke, half cock, free

            spin and lowered hammers.

            Shortened base pins, .430 

            chamber mouths, Evil Roy

            gunfighter grips, brass front 

            sights not in pics and some 


            Recently acquired a blue one

            to be set up the same.

            30gr FFFG, .  1/16" fiber wad,

             1/8" grease cookie, card wad

             and 180gr coated bullet




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