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  1. Take a look at Diamond Gusset.  USA made.  Exceptional quality and true to size.  One of their products is the Defender Motorcycle Jean.  All critical areas reenforced with Aramid.  Designed to protect but also wears like iron.

    Not inexpensive but will definitely replace several pairs of what you are buying now.

    Sold out of Lynchburg, TN.  I have nine pair consisting of several different styles.

    They solidly stand behind their products.

    Next month when we visit Jack Daniels, I will be buying a couple more.


    Chas B 

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  2. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is you have offended the Black Powder Gods!   15 gn of APP 3f and backer rod.  XXX is APP and backer rod?

    A sorry state it is, as sorry state.:P  You will never find true happiness loading for a BP category unless you follow the true path of smokiness  bliss.  Until you do, all your complications and setbacks finding the perfect, loaded round will hound you unmercifully. 

    The Gods have spoken!

    And so has,

    Chazzle Dazzle:ph34r:



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  3. I am considering putting the front and rear kit on our 3500 Silverado before making the trip to Alabama and Tennessee this year.  Has anyone here used the company's products and if so, what are your observations?  We pull a 12,000 pound travel trailer with the truck bed full inside the camper shell.

    Thank you for any information provided.


    Chas B


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