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  1. If you can use, let me know. PM me your address and I will get it mailed out. Chas B
  2. I have at least one in the spare leather bag. Annie and I use slides. Out of town until Tuesday but will check and post pics. If what you can use, yours for the asking. Regards Chas B
  3. Why can't you all just appreciate the pic and not add all the BS. Just saying Chas B
  4. Prayers on the way via express my friend. Chas and Annie
  5. It is time to replace the 1998 vintage water heater in our Holiday Rambler. It is a ten gallon LP/electric unit. No direct replacement is available, Dometic/Atwood, so a similar unit will require new controls and some replumb work. So I am interested in feedback from those that have an instant on LP unit. The concept has merit, less LP used and less weight due to no tank storage, however I am concerned about the ten to fifteen second lag time to fire up due to water waste. We still do a fair amount of dry camping and every ounce of water is precious. These units are billed as providing an endless amount of hot water thereby giving a home like shower. Dry camping does not allow for leaving the faucet on. Also, every time the faucet is turned off and then on, there is that fire up lag time which would give a person a less than warm water jolt. Anyone here that has real world experience with an instant on unit please give me some feedback, pros and cons. Thank you for your time. Regards, Chas B
  6. Annie and I are in the process of planning our 50th anniversary and Australia/New Zealand were on the list of having to see. However, being this will occur in the month of October, I believe that Iceland and Greenland would much easier on the eyes. Regards I think, Chas B
  7. Would these be of interest? Not stiff but not too soft/pliable. Custom Cowboy Shop Gary Ray Maker Cody, WY Probably around twenty years old but hardly used. Have been in spare leather bag. $250.00 shipped Regards, Chas B
  8. How about this idea? Inner tubes. Use the size needed to go around/over what needs to be protected. Can use a larger one with less inflation to stagger the height and weight load. Or place one on top of another to achieve required height. Now the magic trick. "Inflate" with foam. Caterpillar uses foam to "inflate" tires to eliminate flats. After inflation, cover the inner tubes with two coats of elastomeric roof coating. This stays flexible and will protect the rubber surface of the tube. Good to go for many seasons, just store when not used. Light weight and won't harm a membrane roof. Won't cause damage to cover either. Rounded edges. Don't ask how this stuff pops in my head. Regards, Chas B
  9. Annie and I second Dave's comments. Great match and awesome cause. Chas B
  10. Neither of my 366 presses have anything that looks like what is in your pic. Chas B
  11. The handle for the bumper jack of a '50 Hudson Hornet
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