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  1. Annie and I are on the direct line with the Big Guy above. Be strong in your faith and you will feel his touch. Chas B
  2. The first weekend of December Annie and I go to Prescott for the Christmas Parade and Courthouse lighting. Two years ago as we were waiting on our lunch order at our favorite pizza joint, four Prescott Police Officers that had been working the parade came in. After they had ordered, I asked our waitress to bring me their bill. I asked her not to tell them who paid. The looks on their faces was priceless. ChasB
  3. Now this is down right funny. Talking about the rifle and now you are looking for these. The rifle you are interested in purchasing was actually bought to pair with these pistols. One digit apart, both even number. Unfired. Custom mesquite root burl grips by Joe Perkins. Mild action job also by Joe. Lowered hammer spurs. I had decided not to part with these but we can talk. I will give you a call.
  4. Any brand preference? Unfired or used? Quantity? Let me know, I will see what I have. Regards, Chas B
  5. Not a list as requested but a second round off applause for Joe Perkins In Tucson.
  6. Just at a loss of words. A true gentleman who will be greatly missed by all who were fortunate to know him and call him a friend. The drive to Tennessee this year will be somewhat longer. Prayers on the way. Chas B and Apple Annie
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