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  1. Sir, you now truly have God as your copilot. I thank you for your dedicated service to this country. Men the likes of you are extremely hard to find, even more so now when you are needed more than ever. God bless. Respectfully, Chas B
  2. Flying into Detroit the term "Safety Specialist" is very appropriate. As always, Chas B
  3. O brother, so sorry to hear this. Knee mail on the way. Chas B and Apple Annie
  4. Riley making new friends this morning at Cavern Cove, AL.
  5. Pair of 4.75" in 44WCF. C&I action job with their short stroke, half cock, free spin and lowered hammers. Shortened base pins, .430 chamber mouths, Evil Roy gunfighter grips, brass front sights not in pics and some scratches. Recently acquired a blue one to be set up the same. 30gr FFFG, . 1/16" fiber wad, 1/8" grease cookie, card wad and 180gr coated bullet
  6. I do have several Remington rifles with RA stamped barrels that are four groove. Train of thought at that time was two groove retained accuracy better.
  7. Your pic of the bore is poor Two groove or four? Chas B
  8. Thursday night potluck: Smoked pork chili verde stacked enchiladas direct from AZ. Chas B
  9. Thanks to all for the positive response. As always, Regards, Chas B
  10. Some cowboy out on the open prairie has got one of these in the bottom of a saddle bag. Let me know! Thanks, Chas B
  11. My way of getting back at cha for calling me a GIRL!
  12. Dado sides and back. Add a piece of aluminum channel on front edge of shelves. This will not get in the way, will add considerable strength and provide protection to edge of plywood. Regards, Chas B
  13. This date is infamous within certain circles. Which ones still to be determined. Have a great day my friend. Chas B
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