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  1. Well, here goes...Any posse with CBJ on it could never be a "pretty" posse. Pretty fun maybe but pretty...never! 12 Mile...if Pat was cooking for me all the time, I'd be big as a house. How do you stay so slim? Gateway Kid...I'll posse with you anywhere, anytime. No garden yet. Snow's still melting. No nap either. Miss Lori's honey-do list is too long. I may need to get a job to get some rest! Later boys, Four Bucks
  2. Hey Blackjack...if I come do I get a pretty posse? And breakfast?! Four Bucks
  3. You're probably right...there are folks out there who long for the "old days". But if you think our numbers are plummeting now, go back to carrying the dummy, throwing a knife on the clock, sitting in a bathtub and shooting at tiny targets at 30 or 40 yards. That would hasten the death spiral. Just my opinion. Four Bucks (who doesn't care much for dumps either and likes using the front sight)
  4. Happy birthday SASS! Been lucky enough to have been involved for over half of it and it changed my life. Hard to remember what I did with all my time BS (before SASS)! I'm looking forward to 30 more! Four Bucks
  5. Griff, I'm in! I'll let Sheryl know! One thing that I'd like to add, 8 rifle on a stage is a bunch. Now we like it but it tends to make for some looooong stage times and if you have a few shooters it really drags out a match. Shot one a couple of years ago and every stage was 8 or 10 rifle and it wasn't much fun for anyone. Just my $4 worth. BTW...thanks for takin' on the task. Four Bucks
  6. Where the gun was obtained or how it got there has nothing to do with flying regulations although I am sure the liberal politicians and their hand-wringing followers will blame the lack of "control". The Baggage Check area is no different from...the mall, your church, a movie theater, any restaurant...it is a public, un-secured area. You know, there is freedom there. The way to stop a lot of this nonsense is to allow free Americans to kill them back. Four Bucks (who is tired of infringement on his freedoms because of a few bad people and reckless politicians)
  7. Possum, I'm not sure what a minimum should be. I use a pretty stout load in mine because I wanna. I personally feel that this thread is fishing for a problem that doesn't really exist. Most folks shoot BP because it's fun and they like it. Peer pressure weeds out most of the wannabes. There are a lot of fast BP shooters out there right now and I know most all of 'em. The factor isn't a factor! If there are some folks out there in areas who are trying to hedge it, they ain't cheating anyone but themselves. Kinda like those who used to use the super-light smokeless loads looking to outru
  8. Well...the way I look at it...and it's just that, my opinion...I don't concern myself with what others get or how many got it. Why would you care. If it makes them happy then they got their money's worth. I work hard to do well in my chosen categories. I look at my award (or lack thereof) in reference to how I did against my fellow competitors. I know in my heart if I performed well and value any award based on that. Anything that I see no value in goes in the trash or a junk drawer. Each shooter must make this judgement themselves. Who are we to place value on their sense of accomplis
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