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  1. Looking for 405 brass and bullets for 1895 Winchester. Thanks
  2. Time to sell a few beauties. I was going to send this one out to make it a match gun, but I guess I'm a 97 guy at heart. So for sale is my SKB 200E shotgun. Completely stock and in superb condition. 26" mod/IC barrels with brass bead. I have original sight. Inertia system needs some tweaking. $1725 shipped most places. The pics say it all!
  3. I’ve got a 44 mag Marlin lever SRC for sale. Interested?
  4. Up for sale is a Taylor's 73 Comanchero rifle, .357. !8 " barrel. Short stroked, and tuned. Beautiful wood on this gun. Must see it in person. Elk butt cover and lever wrap. Great shooter, $1375 plus shipping.
  5. 1. 16 inch barrel SRC. 45 Colt. Will hold 10 rounds. Stock action but pretty smooth. $1300 plus shipping.
  6. 44-40 brass. Once or twice fired. Mixed. $225 shipped
  7. 38-40 brass for sale. Slightly used. Mixed headstamps. 500 count. $200 shipped.
  8. Change the rule. Wear the dang belt wherever you want to optimize your loading. Stupid rule. Position of the SG belt is self limiting. Try shooting a match with the belt under your armpits.
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