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  • Birthday 07/17/1949

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    Cashiers, nc
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    SASS, Karate, Enduros, Cross Country, AHRMA, Freemasonry, reloading weird catridges, old guns, M1 Garands & Carbines, WWII stuff, Bowie Knives, all bladed weapons, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, England, PATRIOTISM, God & Country, etc

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I'm a retired pharmacist. Martial artist since 16 Y.O. & dirt biker since 23. Shooter since 8, SASS since GKW. I became a Freemason at 27 and am a 3 time past Master. I am 68 now and getting back into CAS after 8 years of helping put my daughter through grad school and 3 years of put off surgery.  I have an ADDICTION to mechanically sound old guns with character. I like to shoot either odd or authentic guns in CAS. MOST OF ALL, I LIKE SASS PEOPLE AND OLD DIRT BIKERS. Best of the best ever.

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