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  1. How much again do I owe you? It looks like you took it off the thread. ...Too Tall...
  2. I'll take the remaining 9mm brass #7 (2000). Send me the details.
  3. In Ultimate Outlaw which I shoot, all guns are shot "from the hip". ...Too Tall...
  4. By the way, if you think shooting Ultimate Outlaw is near impossible to clean a match....think again. Not to toot my horn, but I have shot many clean matches. Of couse the most difficult targets are small and far away and shot with the rifle. I think the stage writers around here like to set those up just for me! ...Too Tall...
  5. Frankly, I'm surprised as to how few shooters engage in Ultimate Outlaw as I call it. We are apparently a rare group that has too much fun! I have heard others complaining about brass hitting them in the face, but not me for some reason. I guess it depends on the angle of ejection or how I hold the rifle. I also have to admit that Loose Cinch with his double cocking earns style points in my book. ...Too Tall...
  6. The one shooter that I didn't name in the original post was Loose Cinch. I have never met Waimea or seen him shoot but remember now that he does shoot Ultimate Outlaw. We have a few shooters around here that occasionally shoot Ultimate Outlaw but not on a regular basis like me. I tell them that if you are aiming you are still in training! ...Too Tall..
  7. Just wanted to see if anyone out there is shooting ALL targets from the hip or what some call instinct shooting. The rules of Outlaw shooting (on the Oak Ridge Outlaws forum) state that only the rifle can be shot aiming. Personally, I shoot Ultimate Outlaw gunfighter style though other styles are acceptable. Although Outlaw shooting is not recognized as a SASS category, a lot of shooters especially in the southeast engage this form of shooting. Very few shooters around here (I know of one other shooter) shoot what I call Ultimate Outlaw where ALL guns are shot from the hip with arms bent.
  8. Where can I buy a temperture control device to use on my Magna Lube/Sizer?  I can't seem to regulate the temperature fine enough to work properly.  When the heat begins to cool a little, I have to wait for the heater to kick on again to start lubing.



    ...Too Tall...

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    2. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      General distrust of polymer coated bullets, which is why I've not shot them.  I cannot believe it's faster or cheaper to poly coat.    I have seen some tests showing accuracy is less.    So, I'm not a good feller to ask about poly coating if you are trying to convince yourself to try it.


      A magma luber is as fast as cheap lubing can get.  I lube faster than I cast.  And poly coated bullets usually still have to be sized.


      But some folks must like poly coating.


      (I have too many lube groove molds to even think about poly coat, too)   GJ

    3. Marshal Too Tall, SASS #36690

      Marshal Too Tall, SASS #36690

      Thanks for your opinions which I highly regard!  I, too, dislike poly coated bullets and would rather not make them.  I think my problem might be solved with some type of PID controller as I get frustated when the temperture comes on and then off on those Magna lube/sizers.  I need constant temperture.


      ...Too Tall...

    4. Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      Garrison Joe, SASS #60708

      The commercial lubes seem to want a narrow temp range for best application.   The Star/Magma lubrisizers (and Lyman and RCBS too) were designed back in the 40's when Alox 50/50 soft lube was the main lube, and I think that is why originally they did not even HAVE a heater in them.  I probably have less difficulty because I make a home-made lube with wheel bearing grease and beeswax and Ivory soap.   It's a little sticky (I wouldn't ship lubed bullets), but it sure shoots well at pistol speeds and it's fairly cheap, especially if you know a bee keeper.


      Good luck, GJ 

  9. Too Tall, 

    Get me your contact information, and I will get you a MO in the mail...




  10. Can you possible send some pictures?  Is this the only one you have?  What work have you done to it?



    Too Tall

  11. Like new marbles tang peep sight (#009830) for the current Japan made Winchester 1885 low wall 22lr. Includes 2 peeps, mounting screws, and original box. $98 plus $6 shipping.
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