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  1. Who does a metal reinforced Ladle tab mod? Yea I know about the J&B epoxy method but that isn't germane to my question.
  2. I seen you got a picture of my good side...my back!
  3. This is the only GoA video I made. Have a few of local matches but haven’t posted them on YouTube.
  4. Matthew Duncan


    2,000 miles one way, I’m out.
  5. I’m tired of scrolling across their web site looking for their street address. Any womenfolk that can tell me where in plan site it is?
  6. Standard sockets work!? That’s what I get for assuming there wasn’t enough space.
  7. Proper way to tighten the firing pin nut? Cleaning the SxS after Guns of August I discovered both firing pin nuts were loose. WARNING to Gunsmiths, STOP READING. Wrench wouldn’t fit so I tighten them with needle nose pliers. Wondering if y’all have found a source for a socket or specialized tool for next time?
  8. Same here. I personally know of two cases where the TO inadvertently transposed two digits when announcing the time. Without the timer Bluetoothed to the table the error wouldn’t have been caught.
  9. The double approval allows the requirement (major match) that the Shooter agrees with the score before it is finalized.
  10. Shucks. I just placed the red dot on the burglar’s center mass and the wife’s cat did the rest.
  11. AMG is the brand Wolff’s Rowdy Rangers use. Manufacture claims buzzer frequency is hard of hearing friendly. https://www.amg-lab.com
  12. The price half way between what you paid for them and $75 per thousand.
  13. I donated a upright piano to Cutter’s Raiders. It was kept in a stage under roof. Lasted about 5 years before the temperature swings and moisture caused the wood cabinet to fall apart.
  14. I had a long talk with the Town Board about paying overtime “NO!” I was told. I was salaried at 40 hours and I was working 50 to 60 as acting Town Manger. Saturday night I got a call. Customer claimed he had stopped at the Lutheran Parsonage (Town Clerk Treasurer was the Pastor’s wife) and paid his overdue bill. Customer had ignored the 10 day notice to pay 60 day overdue water bill. I told told him the Town Board refuses to pay OT and it would be Monday at 7 AM before an Utility employee would be on duty. He was not happy. I didn’t wait long before a Board Member called asking me to restore water to the customer. “Will the Town pay for the OT? No? Customer waited 70 days to pay he’ll have to wait till Monday morning. Board Member asked how to turn the water service and he’d take care of it. Monday I checked with the Clerk Treasurer. The customer had not paid! Told the Board Member. This happens all the time. And the time when it was winter when a lady called. Her basement was FLOODING and her furnace was going to drown. I was home alone with the kids, asked a neighbor to watch the kids and beat it the lady’s house. The FLOOD was a very slow drip from a water pipe. When she learned the cost of the repair was her responsibility she decided it was not emergency after all. I wasn’t paid by the Town and was out the money I paid the babysitter. After 19 years I said thank you good bye!
  15. Gasoline engine is 120 year old technology. To meet the ever increasing emissions and MPG requirements efficiency needed to be improved. So they added a bunch of sensors and a computer to do so.
  16. Small town advantage I walked to work for 19 years. Small town disadvantage. Everyone knew where I lived and felt free to stop in to let me know of a problem they been having all week. Could have been solved during working hours instead of making it an dire emergency after hours.
  17. My Jeep Wrangler has two batteries. To replace the small one you remove the front passenger tire and fender well. Or you can come in from the top by removing the main power fuse panel.
  18. I carry enough cash to get me home unless I’m traveling out of the country.
  19. “18 hours after an overnight charge”
  20. You ruining a perfectly good story with the facts?
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