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  1. Top priority would not to own an electric vehicle! Bet the electric heaters in those things use up the batteries fast!
  2. Well...if I was at the top of the waiting list I would go ahead and make lodging reservations and scheduled the time. If I got the call then I'll set to go, if I didn't get the call I'd cancel the lodging 24 hours in advance. I was registered for 2021 Guns of August. My mother died on August 10th, I called GoA August 11th to cancel. That was a two day notice. It is what it is. If you can give thirty days notice (IMHO) that would be nice, if not, it is what it is. A last minute cancelation just might make a cowpoke towards the bottom of the waiting list happy, assuming the Land Run folks call those on the list until they get a "YES!".
  3. Ground is harder then it was and we don’t bounce as good as we once did.
  4. I store my SS pins in the tumbler. No they don’t rust.
  5. The longer the wear on the repaired the longer (date wide) the replacement will last!
  6. Here you go! https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/sv/iXHM97I/sassmembersurvey2022?source_id=48c2fa50-168d-4a95-8d0d-f04c2125a185&source_type=em&c=Vrj0OnGc5-PdjotBwO6bsT49BVmdvYq8RLVnn3H-Qmgb_SUMawTHwQ==
  7. J.B. Weld and a Dremel. Couple hours to gently reshape. Repair might last forever or the first pull of the trigger.
  8. I could’ve missed one too. I’ll try again a bit slower this time. Yep. Totally my fault. The question where you had to rank the answers by priority, on the first attempt I only picked one.
  9. I filled out the survey without written comments. Clicked to send the survey and nothing happen. I’ll have to see what I did wrong, perhaps fill it out on the desk computer instead of the iPad.
  10. Cool! I thought about a spare tire cover like yours for on the Jeep but didn’t think about going custom.
  11. I made a wood frame out of scrap lumber. Covered the frame with window insect screen. Suspend the frame between two chairs. Put the wet brass on the frame and let air dry.
  12. 2. Case loader Mirror doesn’t need to be that large. A circular 1” mechanics mirror is sufficient.
  13. During High School I worked as a Stock boy for a drug store. "Always put the old inventory in front of the new to keep the stock rotated", I was told. That's why I put the month and year on things like primers and powder to insure I keep my stock rotated and fresh.
  14. Merry Christmas to you all and to your loved ones!
  15. I’m reloading 45 Colt for 2022 and ran out of primers this morning before finishing. I’m been confirmed for 2022 National Championship Land Run and have Northeast Regional Guns of August application waiting to be mailed so I need a bit more ammo than my normal SASS season. Now before some of y’all start checking how close to the top of Land Run waiting list you might be let me explain a bit further. I’m out of the primers I bought in June of 2016. To finish up what I’ll need for 2022 I had to break out my stock of $37 primers I bought May of 2020 before the China Flu panic. Life is tough ain't it?
  16. For Zombies and plinking, no all cases do not need to be trimmed. Run the brass though a case gage. Only brass that extends past the case gage needs to be trimmed.. For large quantities I run all brass though my progressive press to resize then power case trimmer.
  17. Yep. My Uberti Model P 45s I've used since 2001 for every match I've shot in. One flat spring has broken. Last year I had the pair looked over, tiggers were getting too light. My loads were 250 grain bullets, one grain below the power manufacturer's maximum. Last year I switch to 200 grain bullets, son's wrists were sore after shooting though a 10 stage match in one day.
  18. Son and I was there a few years back. We had a great time, met a lot of nice folks. If we can drive down from Indiana you can drive twenty minutes! Of course, because it was down hill, we coasted all the way there.
  19. There would absolutely no doubt the Shooter jumped the beep for sure!
  20. "IF" and I say "IF" the TO had the were with all and the time to do so, the TO should not have given the BEEP.
  21. I go by head stamps. Starline is my most reloaded brass. Most of it is close to 20 years old and it is what I use for monthly and lost brass matches . From memory all of the splits have been Starline. Makes sense it's the oldest and most reloaded. One split a match is normal. Winchester is my next oldest. Used if I run out out of the Starlines. Tombstone is third in line. Used for important matches. And my newest brass is nickel Starline. Loaded and ready to go, haven't used it. IMHO the easiest ways to prevent splits is to keep your resizing die clean and case flare to the minimum.
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