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  1. But instead of beans we have Crown with vastly different results


    We stay at the Sale of Champions Horse park. It is also a full campground with all hook-ups.


    Address is

    790 Whitthorne Street

    Shelbyville, TN




    Call Ray Beech to reserve space.



    Mail Check to:

    Ray Beech

    531 Bellfast-Farming Rd

    Bellfast, Tn  37019


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  2. Matthew was not gaming it since he took the time to put the hat back on his head. Both hands were touching his hat on his head at some point before he drew or fired. Good play.

    I have seen it done enough that if "hands touching hat" is the start position the stage instructions include"hat on head"


    I have been known to pick up my pistols off of a staged table and reholster before I shoot them.

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  3. I will go ahead and send in my app, not sure I will be shooting 3 but so far plan on at least two. How about a few more Outlaws, otherwise I will have to shoot GF which doesn't bother me as much as it bothers the GF's

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  4. The app is at least printed, I should get it on the pony express tomorrow.

    As a reminder, although this is one of the top shoots in the country, the happening place after the range closes is of course the campground.  Hope everyone can make it and come on down and visit us at the Sale of Champion Campground.


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  5. Another sad announcement, we have lost another great cowboy and friend. Sheriff Lord has passed, Sheriff Lord shot with many clubs in the South East, had been in Washington State for  the last few years. He was a proud veteran and loved the Cowboy game. We will miss him and our hearts and prayers go out to Sassy Motchie and family.


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  6. We have lost another great on on our end, Ocoee Rangers lost Tennessee Hoss. A great cowboy, always smiling, helped where needed. Heart and Prayers for his family and friends



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  7. Lighting McCoy, This is also one of our partners from the Oak Ridge Outlaws and Smoky Mountain Shootist Society and the Ocoee Rangers. He was the voice of SMSO for many years on awards night. Hard worker, incredibly pleasant to be around. The expression "He would give you the shirt off of his back on a cold day" fits him to a T. A true Classic Cowboy.

    RIP m1514944293_Lighting1.thumb.JPG.89fcf8eea210f754c5e449b594004b12.JPGy friend.

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  8. Thank you, I will take this opportunity to post the first one.


    We lost Preacher Red in early December of 2020 (the year from hell) He was a wonderful father, grandfather, and friend. He was very instrumental in making the Smoky Mountain Shoot Out a success. If you ever attended one of our shoots he was the one that kept the fire buckets going and you would see him riding around on a green Gator making sure everyone was having a great time. He was always a pleasure to be around, had a kind word for everyone and knew how to tell a story. He shot a Spenser so always had to load 3 rounds on the clock and was known to talk to the TO during his shooting string. His favorite line was "Do I have a P yet" He will be missed by all. 


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