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  1. I do shoot Gunfighter, I don't mind one split pistol stage. Start making me shoot outside my category too many times and I start thinking about how much fuel cost and is the trip worth the aggravation.

    To see how a lot of us think about it consider your rifle. It is a ten round string, so are our pistols. So how about splitting the rifle? Shoot 5 rounds, leave hammer down on expended round or leave leave leaver open, move about 6 feet and shoot the next 5 rounds. Or shoot 5, lay it down, hammer down on expended round or leaver open, shoot a pistol, shoot 5 more out of the rifle, shoot next pistol.


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  2. Wow, not sure what happened but looks like we are shooting with the owners, guess we will have to be one our best behavior. Cinch, Creek, Bones and I will have to watch how......who am I kidding, I almost choked on my ice cream trying to lie like that,

    Thanks for posting the posses and see everyone next week

  3. I have had to call it twice at least.

    We need to know if it is a call or not.

    If it is a no call then that opens up the question of the backwards hull in my 97. It had to have come out in order to turn over.

    I do watch the port to make sure the brass ejects so I know it came out. I had a shooter lay a Marlin down port down, I knew there was a empty laying on the table. When  she went to retrieve her gun there was no brass, I had her husband lift the gun and there were   two pieces of brass in the receiver. I had to give her a MS as the rules are written.

    If you want to change the rules there is a process to get it done. I for one would like to see this one changed.

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  4. First, I dont want the guns to go anywhere except with the shooter. Shooter is responsible for guns at all times. I don want his/her guns at the LT and them at the ULT. I will allow a shooter to cross from UNL to LT with holstered loaded pistols as long as they are escorted, preferably by the UNL officer. As Frettless pointed out, all of us are capable for those "Oh look a squirrel" moments so with two people hopefully they will get to the LT with not problems.

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  5. Even as you read this the strong minds of Black Gold are meeting to make final plans. (Evil laughter in the background) The brain drain is being passed around, ideas are flying, I sure hope someone takes notes.

    Some of our best ideas are lost in the morning light, kind of like the dew on the grass. they  just disappears. (kind of poetic aint it)

  6. RO I will be offered Thursday morning, I think it is at 9:00 in the school house.


    Now on to the important stuff.

    Cooking at the campground went over well in Georgia so I thought I would offer to cook Wednesday and Thursday evenings for dinner.

    Wednesday evening will be good for hamburgers so if you want to join us please bring a burger or two and we will throw it on the cooker. we should have plenty of buns and condaments.

    I am open to suggestions for Thursday evening,

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  7. Got my app printed out, talked to Ray about camping. Got that all lined up.

    $50/night, full hook-ups.

    Best to send him a check up front so he does not have to hunt you down to get paid.

    We pretty much have something going on from Wednesday on through the shoot. I am sure we will have a camp fire, probably a little more room around it for sitting and telling tells but still will have it.

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  8. Another sad announcement, we have lost another great cowboy and friend. Sheriff Lord has passed, Sheriff Lord shot with many clubs in the South East, had been in Washington State for  the last few years. He was a proud veteran and loved the Cowboy game. We will miss him and our hearts and prayers go out to Sassy Motchie and family.


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  9. We have lost another great on on our end, Ocoee Rangers lost Tennessee Hoss. A great cowboy, always smiling, helped where needed. Heart and Prayers for his family and friends



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  10. Lighting McCoy, This is also one of our partners from the Oak Ridge Outlaws and Smoky Mountain Shootist Society and the Ocoee Rangers. He was the voice of SMSO for many years on awards night. Hard worker, incredibly pleasant to be around. The expression "He would give you the shirt off of his back on a cold day" fits him to a T. A true Classic Cowboy.

    RIP m1514944293_Lighting1.thumb.JPG.89fcf8eea210f754c5e449b594004b12.JPGy friend.

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