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  1. this is his address, it is also his work address


  2. Good to hear from you, if you are ever in my area come shoot with us, Outlaw is one of the largest catagorys in Tennessee.

    If I can be of any help let me know. I will be shooting Boardertown and OK State this year if you will be at either one of those

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    2. Tn Tombstone

      Tn Tombstone

      We are a long ways from EOT but we would love to have you come visit and shoot. There is a monthly match every weekend within 60 or so miles from Knoxville. Our State shoot is in middle Tennessee in a little town called Wartrace. It is the second weekend in October. Black Gold is in Mancherster KY third weekend in July, KY State is held at the same range and I think it is the last of May First of April.

      Let me know if you are over this far, we would love to have you join us at a few of our matches.

    3. K C WOODY

      K C WOODY

      ok Tn i will be looking in to visit and join in with some fun , i did hear Black gold was one to shoot, i have a trip in the planing to visit the wall you can see from space , and EoT this year , do you know JM brown ?

    4. Tn Tombstone

      Tn Tombstone

      I know JM quite well, he was my RO instructor instructor. He travels more than I ever will be able too.

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