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  1. Ha!! Major Major, Major, USA . . . . Catch 22
  2. Rattlesnake Slim ... Sounds like your cylinder throats are undersize. Ruger is famous, or infamous, for undersize cylinder throats. I suggest checking your bore diameter, then having your local gunsmith ream the cylinder throats to proper diameter for lead bullets.
  3. In Alaska, not unusual at all. Kinda "Normal."
  4. What a SHAME!! I am sorry to see the Tower of Power go away. I have TWO. I'm lazy so I set one up for .36 and the other for .44. Marvelous piece of kit too.
  5. Huge numbers whom worship large Mexican made Golden Idols and deny reality.
  6. TL Trust ME. They're lost. And no, He has absolutely NO idea where they are
  7. Considering I only buy and use locally sourced Pure Maple Syrup, I don't really care what is done with Mrs. Butterworth.
  8. Eggs are only "fresh" the day you get 'em out of the Chicken. After that, they are "old" eggs. Or would you consider them "new" eggs as opposed to "old" eggs. Then again, there are Easter Eggs. We could have "fresh" Easter Eggs, and "last" Easter eggs. Of course, one shouldn't put all of one's eggs in the same basket. Yee Gads, then there's Humpty Dumpty and . . . . . . .
  9. Put em inna Fridge. Beyond that, Eat 'em inna week. Or . . . The Short Answer: NOTHING
  10. PLUS ONE for EVERYBODY . . . . Except El CupAJoe. I think switching out one Cylinder for a Cap Cylinder is kinda silly for a one round reload (not very common). I'd be much more inclined to take the 5 Seconds. I have two pair of 1851s with R&D Conversion Cylinders. I shoot them with swaged hollow base wadcutters loaded a little long to be SASS legal and accuracy is NOT a problem. Stay Safe Out There
  11. Eliminate the confusion. Go with the "SASS Life" badge. Or the Badge that started you on your journey. Or the club you now shoot with. There, isn't that simple!!
  12. First, I don my surplus Navy Damage Control Fire Suit . . . . And put fourth A CAVEAT: I am by no means a Coltist. Ok, another CAVEAT: Strictly from the eyes of a humble Gunplumber. Or not so Humble. I don't consider the Colt to be the "Gold Standard." Hugely popular . . Yes. Over Priced . . Yes. Colt however, require the exact same action work to make them user friendly as most other reproductions. Next up would be USFA. Unfortunately, no longer produced. Much better guns than recent Colt guns. With USFA, change the Main Spring and convert to Spring and Plunger for the
  13. El Cup-a For use in a 36 (1851s) I have been shooting the EPP UG - 36. I shoot it "as cast" from my supplier. This bullet has a mother HUGE lube groove and shoots a treat. Drops from the mold at about 90Gr and .380. Very accurate in my 36s. And just for fun, I also load the same bullet in 38-55
  14. PLUS ONE for Charlie Harley The "String Bag" was obsolete before the war started yet was in service throughout the conflict.
  15. What are these Czechs of which you speak?? I haven't written a Czech in several Lustrum. Don't know if the bank send them back or not.
  16. Not a large enough market. Doubt Uberti could sell enough them to pay for the tool-up and wood.
  17. It's not a "Sport." It's just a "GAME". Everybody snivels about drawing in new folks and when someone makes a suggestion the same Whiners Poo Poo the suggestions.
  18. Yep. Current weather is a problem Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor dark of knight shall stay the postman from his rounds. Of course, the current Postmaster General is hell bent on dismantling the US Postal Service.
  19. OK. Now you’ve got me. The App your using use to be Known as “Black MZ”. I never personally used it. It is my understanding, it was only made in a single granulation which mimed 2F APP. I have only ever shot straight APP branded APP. 2F APP was a disaster in my DILLON measure. It bridged in the thru die (that’s what you have) constantly and would back up into the measure funnel. A total GROAN. For the last several years I have exclusively used APP, branded as APP, 3F for cartridge loading. Again, large powder bar, for both large (44 - 45) and small (38) cases. NO DROP TUB
  20. PLUS ONE for J-BAR. The Newer Manufacture Pietta Cap Guns have a redesigned Hand Spring. Made of much sterner stuff and not likely to fail. The Trigger/Bolt spring has not been changed. Replacing it is not a bad idea. Tuning it is good idea. Stay Safe Out There
  21. TWO possible problems. One is the "Drop Tube." I am trying to figure out why you're using a drop tube with APP. There is no advantage. The drop tube will also build up residue just like the Powder Thru Die. Next, you don't mention "which" APP. If your loading 2F APP, it's is very inconsistent in granule size and will "Bridge" in a Heartbeat. 3F will run much better although 3F will still bridge occasionally. There is some give and take with APP. Attempting to "pack" the cases with a drop tube is a mistake. I run APP exclusively thru my 650. I also run the DILLON Powder Ch
  22. When I was still in business I did see/handle exactly ONE original CF 1866. I have seen exactly one original converted to CF. The last production run at Winchester, of 1866 rifles were Central Fire guns and none were sold domestically. Those guns were all exported. Only a handful have been repatriated. A fine Suitable Substitute (stolen famous line from Sears Roebuck) is a Uberti replicant, chambered .44 Special, with a Smith Shop Carrier and running 44 Russian cases. No antique to ruin and super fun to play with.
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