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  1. My personal preference is a 16 1/2 inch Trapper.
  2. Many Lustrum ago ....... I had an incredibly nice Navy Arms '92 Short Rifle in 45 Colt. Because it balked hard at running 45 Schofield cases, and because I had the "need for SPEED" I sold it off for a song. Would that I had that rifle back today. Some of the dumb decisions we are want to make. Tisk Tisk. AND ..... TA DA ...... plus One to Warden Callaway!! I have enough ordnance I can shoot the entire season (we have seasons up here in Pennsyltuckey) without shooting the same guns ..... twice. Coffinmaker
  3. Don't be too awful quick to shun the '92. Corrected springs, corrected extractor, judicious rubbin-n-buffin, the '92 can be very fast indeed. Coffinmaker
  4. Deadeye, I trim the petals on my 10Ga wads. I use a flat anvil pruner. Blackey, It is known, A super neat and well organized work space is the sign of a truly sick mind. Coffinmaker
  5. Warden, Since the last time you and I communed, I've switched to BPI PT-1044 Wads. they work a TREAT!! Coffinmaker
  6. Just need to make sure your "spotters" are awake and paying attention. .36s are quiet.
  7. You were correct Casey. There "were" 61. Ah ba de ah dats all folks (Quoth Buggs da Bunny)
  8. Griff, Flat Hand Springs. However, Pietta has redesigned their Hand Spring. Strange looking thing, made of much sterner stuff than their old flat hand spring. I tried popping one of the new ones off before I realized I might not have too. Turn'd out to be a real bugger to try and snap off. Took real "work." I suspect it to be nearly bullet proof. When inserted in the hand channel there is ZERO compression on the Spring. Needs to be polished at the contact point and d-burred. Bout it. I don't actually intend to change out mine (Schaeffers) to coil and plunger. Gonna run the O
  9. TL, Congratulations. They still need to be set up, but they are really really NICE GUNS
  10. OOPS!! Sorry!! Thread Drift. Back to our Regular Program Coffinmaker
  11. My four Pietta Marshals are Laser Engraved and they look really good. I also have a pair of Pietta 1860s that are laser engraved, but the engraving tends to disappear in the Color Case Hardening. On the 1860s it's also just a little shallow but still really nice. I'm currently considering converting those 1860s to cartridge with Kurst Konverters (gated) and Kurst Ejector assemblies. Only thing holding up the project is the laser engraving. The cartridge channel will cut right through a bunch of it on the right side. I also have a set of 1860s that aren't engraved that just may get conver
  12. Laser engraving. No, not "real" engraving. But gorgeous!!
  13. How Rude. You'd think they would share with someone who was actually going to play with one. No sense of propriety at all. Humpff. Coffinmaker
  14. Warden, You pull up your mask and back up to the register when you gave em the 3 Bucks (snicker snicker) Coffinmaker
  15. I am starting to think, I should establish a warm, semi-climate controlled, dry home for the Old and Neglected double guns up here in the frozen north. I think I may just prowl around Pennsyltuckey and see what I can find. The wood on that hunter is just gorgeous and the W Richards is rather nice nice. However, it is a shame you had to settle for that imitation of a TTN. If it really starts to bother ya, that your Colt built imitation TTN just isn't an authentic TTN, (snicker) I would be willing to consider it for my home for wayward shotguns. Provisionally of course. Coffinmaker
  16. I've bit the bullet for the Ballistic Products wad. The shipping is more than the bag of wads. If I like em, I'll order enough to justify the shipping. I really want to eliminate the Gooey Fiber wads. What a mess. Now to visit the local UPS store for the correct "Gost Poop" for the top filler. I are gettin 'cited. Coffinmaker
  17. Hey Warden!! Thanks. Also finally found Ballistic Products. Although Ballistic Products really sticks it to ya for shipping. Whew!! Coffinmaker
  18. Hokay, I'll Bite Warden Callaway showed a little nifty load that has piqued my interest. Using a 10Ga plastic wad in a 12Ga Brass Hull. Could well do away with that gooey lubed fiber wad. I'm IN!! EXCEPT ......... I went shopping on line for a nice, short, 10Ga plastic wad and couldn't find a single 10Ga wad. Anywhere!! SO, the KEY question ........ Where is anyone finding nice 10Ga Plastic Wads these days?? Gimme a Hint?? Map anna Compas Maybe?? Believe me, sitting at the bench and cutting the Butt offa a bag of 12Ga wads is NOT entertaining. Pretty Please?? Coffinmaker
  19. Yepper Yepper Yepper !!!!! And take the plunge I did. All Brass 12Ga is such a HOOT!! Some work to re-load, but well worth the effort. Now if I could just get the one that went missing at the Ohio State match, I'd be happy camper Now I'm even looking into the referenced 10Ga 1 1/8 Oz 10Ga wad that fits a Brass 12. Eliminate that greasy cushion wad. Really really good thread here. Coffinmaker
  20. When you shoot (cough, choke, gasp) plastic shot shells, there is no "Snap" no "Pazzaz" no "Wow Factor" no ........ "STYLE." ALL BRASS on the other hand are UBER KOOL!! Lots of Oooo's and Ahaaaaaas. And my powder stained brass shells just have that "aura" about em. Real Cowboys shoot ALL BRASS shot shells. Mere Mortals are relegated to ...... (barf) plastic. Coffinmaker
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