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  1. Where would I get a good schematic of the TTN?


    1. Colorado Coffinmaker

      Colorado Coffinmaker

      Pit Bull,


      I have never seen a schematic of the TTN.  Good or Bad.  I have seen a picture of the various parts laid out but no schematic.

  2. My mailing address is:   Carmen Loos, 16 Henry Street, Prairie du Rocher, IL  62277.

    Let me know your address and I will get the package ready for mailing. Thanks.



    1. Colorado Coffinmaker

      Colorado Coffinmaker




      348 ELM STREET

      INDIANA PA 15701


      Postal Money Order headed your way first of the week.  I'm headed for a three day match in Ohio.

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  3. Colorado Coffinmaker: I don't know if you remember me or not my alis is Bulldog Brown, you did a pair of Pietta 51 sheriff for me.Well I liked them so much that I got a pair of 51's 7 1/2 and would like you to do them as well I hope you are still working these gun. Please let me know, if so I would get them to as soon as you wanted them. Thank you, Vic Halls

    1. Colorado Coffinmaker

      Colorado Coffinmaker

      Hi Vic,


      Never had anyone post on my "Profile" before.  Strange.  so I hope my reply get back to you.

      Need to message me by PM rather than my Profile if you will.  I'm still doing some limited work and I'll be happy to do some work for you.  I'm just finishing a job now and will need to order some materials for yours.


      Send me a PM or eMail   coffinmaker@mac.com and we can exchange info



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