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  1. Distribute a few 100,000 to Syria, Iran and Iraq with instructions on how to catch 223 bullets.
  2. Noz


    I will not willingly go to a match that allows the 1911 to be shot in a SASS posse. Start allowing them and I am gone. Start your own WB club with it's own targets and own range and good luck to you.
  3. He does good work or you could break out the nail set and a tack hammer and get after it.
  4. Something so simple and costing nothing that will live in that family's memory forever.
  5. Last year they stole all of the cables leading to a small city's outdoor Christmas light display
  6. It's been a while but somebody's "Smoke House" just off of I 35 in New Braunfels was awfully good when I was going thru there. Food was as good as I could get in Bamberg. I went to google and apparently my recommendation no longer exists. Never Mind! Trying to compare Cajun food to German food is like trying to compare chili to gumbo. Ain't nowhere to start.
  7. I had a gun show dealer explain to me in great detail why my search for a Ruger Red Hawk in 41 Mag was an impossibility because no Ruger of any type had ever been made in a 41 caliber.
  8. Mine leaks so bad that I don't like to use it. Any suggestions?
  9. If you haven't noticed Split Rail is not of this world. He operates in some sort of a time warp.
  10. Driveway sealing and roofing seem to attract the dregs of the homeowner scams. Walk carefully and my advice would be to talk to material suppliers and neighbors for recommendations about roofing companies.
  11. 38s go in the blue box, 44-40 goes in the red box. All cases are always full of black.
  12. Doctor says: I've got good news and bad news, which would you like to hear first.? Patient says: Give me the good news. Doctor says: We have a heart that we can use for your transplant. Patient says: What could possibly be the bad news? Doctor says: Charles Manson is the donor.
  13. As in every armed conflict, the victors write the history.
  14. Noz

    SASS website

    I just tried deleting the old bookmarks and re-establishing them. Seems to have worked, at least for now. WRONG. It worked a couple of times then went back to as before.
  15. Take a minimum amount of steps. Lots of folks reposition their feet for each gun. Shoot the stage in your head several times before you go to the line.
  16. Noz

    SASS website

    I'm using Chrome and have trouble all the time now. I have to "refresh" 8-10 times to get the forums to come up. I was working on a 2017 schedule and spent over 10 minutes before I got the list of shoots to come up at the SASS home page.
  17. Take a stroll through the local skilled nursing home, then take a moment to be thankful.
  18. Cabela's Christmas gift catalog Sportsmans guide Catalog Taylors Catalog from 2010 Black Powder and the old West Action Shooting Cowboy Style The Seige of the Alamo latest Blue Press
  19. I shoot no smokeless powder. I clean my Ruger Old Armys, 73 and Baikal after a shoot. Maybe 2 weeks after. Complete tear down once or twice a year.
  20. I saw a 45 cal bullet which had hit the target, deflected down to hit the rebar base then travel several stages parallel to the firing line before the firing line bent enough that the stray came through a slot in the barrier and removed a piece of Titus A Gnatsass' cheek and nose. Been spooky about rebar ever since.
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