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  1. I found a bandolier for about $12 to try. I see them working for some folks.
  2. Blue Mesa shoots a pair of 36 cal ROAs that these boys did. Very nice.
  3. Something I learned from 2 knee scopes: It's easier to go up and down stairs backwards.
  4. Lord help you if you get your crotch checked by the the zipper police and you don't have your SASS card.
  5. Beautiful but not for me. I can't carry a steel T-Post without knocking the paint off of it. I'd have to have a caddy to keep it looking a beautiful as it is.
  6. I too have a set like unto the second set shown. I pull them over my pockets for shooting, then slide them over my hips for walking around.
  7. I forgot. As a teenager I spent an afternoon at the Missouri State Fair with Sally Rand. She was performing there and took a couple of hours away from the stage to sit and talk with a couple of star struck boys.
  8. Buck d Law T Bone Dooley Grizzly Dave Chickasaw Bill and the list goes on.
  9. Come on guys!! You're acting like someone is messing up a valued antique or something. It's a Ruger. It never was nor never will be "historically correct". It's a 36 caliber percussion revolver. I wish I had the coin to do a version of that (some changes) on my ROAs, which have the Belt Mountain quick change base pins in them and Woolf springs.
  10. We have a rather large Amish community near us. A young Amish man was returning home about 10:30 pm after being on a courting venture. His homeward route took him down the main street of Verona, MO (pop 600, so the signs say). When he turned from a county road onto Main Street he failed to stop at a stop sign. He was stopped by the young local cop. He told the policeman that it was not his fault. He told the horse to stop but the horse knew the way home and did not want to stop as he was headed for the barn. The police gave him a ticket for rolling thru a stop sign. Then the war started.
  11. Heaventh to bethsy. I got a public reprimand for using that word. Course I applied it to equipment rather than people . I guess that makes a difference.
  12. Sorry, this content isn't available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.
  13. I have watched virtually no pro football this year. I looked in on the Dallas-Greenbay game because of my dislike of Dallas. Somewhere in the last couple of years they have obviously rewritten the definition of pass interference. Apparently anything short of an axe attack is now legal.
  14. My procedure as well and no I don't recommend washing them. I like the Nitro Gods and I mark the base for each reload. I have slick unsplit loaded shells with as many as 6 marks on the base. I shoot 50 grs of black with an ounce of shot and a pink wad.
  15. 0645 AM The www.sassnet.com page isn’t workingwww.sassnet.com didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
  16. Before we started farming the Clover Leaf Dairy had a bright green panel truck with a big white shamrock on the side. They left us 2 quarts of un-homogenized milk 6 days a week. Asked them to help break my dog from chasing cars. He chased them down the driveway one day and the delivery runner opened the back door of the truck and poured a bucket of ammonia flavored water on the dog. Cured him!!!
  17. Got a new favorite team. Way to go Green Bay. Slim watch it with the sound off.
  18. Both bring up an incomplete age that must be refreshed to get all items on the page to display. Yesterday the site worked perfectly all day long. This morning it refused me entry for a couple of hours.
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