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    Priority mail

    I took a 9x12 envelope with my taxes in it to the post office in Aurora, MO at about 2 in the afternoon. It was going to Valentine NB to my cousin/accountant. It was delivered in the next days morning mail. Less than 24 hours. I was pleased. Would I bet on a repeat performance.. Not likely.
  2. I was a Spook in the Army and as such was given a short course on locks including safes. As a general rule a lock is designed to keep the honest people out. Any lock or safe can be defeated, The only difference between the good safes(locks) and the bad is the amount of time that they can withstand forcible entry. I too am looking for some sort of container that would give me some defense against the common thief. A professional that believes you have something worth his effort will be able to get them given enough time. Maybe your best choice is a cheap cabinet
  3. I was priviledged to spend several hours one afternoon when I was about 15 with Sally Rand. A most pleasant lady.
  4. Look away Allie. They used to be used for a corrective device by cat trainers.
  5. Don't make no difference. Theys Americans now and they'll cut the barrels to 18"for more mobility.
  6. youse guyz? I didn't know youse was from St. Louis?
  7. Oh! and I do like her style. Add: Crude words and cruder thoughts aside. She is in fact lovely. She would be welcome at any gathering.
  8. Noz

    Primers !

    How do they get under the carpet?????
  9. I was taught that I was under obligation to my pets for their health and comfort. No excuses. I had a 21 year old Siamese named Malcolm. His kidneys failed and he lost 50% of his body weight in spite of the best diet and Vet advice available. I put a big towel in the dryer to get it warm. I wrapped him in the warm towel, took a shovel and a 22 pistol and we took a walk to the back of the place. I fulfilled my obligation. I shed a lot of tears over the next few days, none for him but a lot for me.
  10. Anybody old enough to remember "Wild Red Berry"? Those folks worked every weekend to sold out crowds in the Shrine Mosque in Springfield Missouri. We didn't have TV available so I listened to it on the radio until my Mom found out what I was doing. She thought it was vulgar and unGodly. So, I'd listen to XERF out of Del Rio, Texas. You had your choice, gospel or country. A real toss-up.
  11. In a gentler style: I brought you into this world and I can take you! Make another one just like you. ********************************* The beatings will now begin. From the great Bill Cosby. That guy really knew to get the chicks.
  12. 16 YEARS ON A STEEL ROOF. Happy with it.
  13. I am almost 2 years out from a bad one. I am better than I was last week.
  14. The 1st Battalion of the 75th Artillery (8" How) participated in a Corps, 1 round, Time on Target a Grafenwoher, in the mid 60s. We had 4.2 mortars thru 280 guns firing TOT. For those whose legs are other than red, a TOT mission attempts to place all rounds fired on a given target with their detonation simultaneous. This is a whole lot of guns. The time spread from 1st round to last was 6 seconds. Notice I spelled Corps correctly.
  15. Do you ever feel sorry for the poor fools you have to read everything to determine which posts a foul?
  16. The Lansky system has two different grinding devices. One is regular grinding stones and the second and more expensive are diamond. I have always pulled my knives over a stone.
  17. The bullet mold that was shipped with 45 cal revolvers threw a .440 cal ball. There. A factual answer that has nothing to do with the long gun question. I shall now go away with a warm fuzzy feeling because I have added to the information and helped a fellow black powder fan.
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