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  1. I loved the dancing bass player.
  2. Check out flea markets that might have bicycles for sale. Lots of times you can by a bike for less than the cost of the wheels elsewhere. Crosslines, Christian Service Centers, Goodwill etc are also good sources.
  3. Miss Lorrie and I returned home from the gym at about 8:15 this morning to a display of eagle acrobatic flight. What appears to be a mated pair and a juvenile were flying 1/4 mile loops centered on our home. Our house sits on a hill overlooking Spring River and the eagles were flying below our porch level. After 30 minutes or so of entertainment they settled in a sycamore tree, eye high and 100 yards west of us. They hung out with us until about 10:30 and decided we weren't going to do anything exciting so they went off to do eagle things elsewhere
  4. Baby calves are frequently unable to get up for a period of time. The larger the calf the more time required. Many times I have wished for a helper such as that. The donkeys are excellent in protecting sheep and goats from dogs and coyotes. Another use is a wide leather band around the donkeys middle with a steel ring on top. Large animals that have never been broken to lead are tied to the ring with a short rope. About 24 hours with the donkey lead tutor and the biggest animal will happily go where the donkey wishes. The donkey will often keep the animal it is teaching to lead away from
  5. Does anyone use a bandolier? I saw a guy with one at BAC a couple of months ago. He wasn't world record fast but it seemed to work for him.
  6. Noz

    Merwin Hulbert

    Just watched the Forgotten Weapon episode on the Merwins. Looked to be a good design.
  7. I'm one of the strange ones. If I don't like a product I dispose of it. My 2400 went the way of my pound of Green Dot. I sold what was left of the only container of 777 I ever owned. I no longer load for 44 mag so I have disposed of all of my 44 mag molds. I have several 32-20 molds that could use a home. I tried that and could not get a 32-20 rifle to shoot well for me. Gone. Life's too short to mess with stuff you don't like.
  8. http://ithacagun.com Nothing listed for the side by sides but I bet they will know of a source.
  9. It was quite an event. They had a pontoon boat with two shooting tables on it divided by a piece of plywood. Take the cowboy guns of your choice and all the ammo you wanted. The boat motored down the bank that had 41 targets. They had a starting post and an ending post and you could only shoot between the posts. Use whatever guns you wanted when you wanted and try to hit them all. I never succeeded. I did get a bulged barrel on my 44-40 though. Got on the boat with a straight barrel and got off with a bulge. I have no idea when it happened.
  10. My cats have always been happier in their own home than in a boarding facility or even with a relative. Rip open the side of a cat food bag, make sure the toilet lids are up, clean the litter box and take off.
  11. Noz

    Site problems

    I lost it about noon or thereabouts and just got back on.
  12. Ain't nobody putting bullets in that gun!
  13. No, I had the opportunity for Balut in VN and would not then nor would I now.
  14. The www.sassnet.com page isn’t working www.sassnet.com didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE I got this message for over 2 hours this morning.
  15. Be aware that the prices listed in Powerinc. include shipping and hazmat. I've dealt with them for years.
  16. I don't like 2400 in anything. If it were mine I would use it for fertilizer.
  17. I was OK right up to the lutefisk. Lye cured rotten fish is an acquired taste.
  18. Boomstick did some good work for me at BAC.
  19. Saloon say I'm not authorized to sign in but Wire says it's alright. Had about 2 hours this afternoon when neither the Wire or Saloon was available. I'm sorry but I don't consider myself tech-challenged.
  20. Noz

    Thanx all

    I have experimented with several approaches. In all cases so far, the effect can only be seen by spectators and not by the shooter. The best I have ever seen was several years ago when a shooter fired a BP shotgun shot that sounded underloaded. When the smoke cleared a tiny black thong was hanging on a shot gun target. Querida Kate has ben known to fire paper streamers and/or feathers.
  21. Wire and Saloon have been "cranky" this morning. Will not load then it will.
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