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  1. Them hands have some serious miles on them.
  2. I stopped at my favorite gas station in the early '50s and filled up my '39 Chevy. There was an intense gas war in progress and the station owner was showing his disgust. I paid $.09 a gallon. He pumped his tanks dry and closed the station until folks came back to their senses.
  3. Man, that's a knarly looking trigger finger.
  4. Cain't make it agin this year. I was afraid this might happen with age so, look for me in the Alamo. I'll be there for a while.
  5. I'm liking Kelly Young for any of these competitions.
  6. Worked fine on an old MAC and Quick Time. That long nose is what a War Bird is supposed to look like. Enjoyed it. Took me back to the late 40s when our high school library had ID sets of all US, English, German and Japanese minatures for practice in aircraft Identification.
  7. I was glad to see the military decoration that I consider to be the most envied by those of us that don't have it. I was offered the opportunity to earn one by volunteering for nighttime patrol leader around the IIFFV compound. I didn't take the opportunity. I was pleased with my decision then but wish I had done otherwise now. Glad to see the smile!
  8. Was anyone as impressed as I by the number of "service stripes" on that sheriff's sleeve?
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