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  1. I went on and bit the bullet--sharing cost/quantity with a fellow shooter so helps a bit I did some figuring and even at $500, out-the-door price with tax, shipping, and hazmat I can load my .45 Colt for 3¢ per round, not counting primer and my own cast bullet. I can live with that price and as much as I'm getting I need to live a long time
  2. got the service too, not too worried about Big Brother anymore--too old to care since we are the last street on the letter carrier's route it's nice to know early in the day what's coming
  3. 4-square under the street lights till a parent would come to front door and yell at us it was time to come in
  4. my aunt had ice delivered in Williamsport, PA. visited one winter and got to see that was instructed to "Stay out of the icebox--the ice will melt!!" several times I'm a youthful 77½ years old
  5. Tell is a great guy! he's doing this to keep folks in our sport/hobby/obsession he's NOT making money on this, he passes the costs through to the buyer without adding anything for himself proud to know and shoot with him cr
  6. ▲ same reason many of the stone buildings in UK aren't cleaned--they would be 'see-through' by now
  7. I had the same "Oh, Shucks" moment when I bought mine--but seeing as Red Dot is getting like unicorn teeth I went on and bit the bullet, so to speak with my loads, I figure 8# should be about 12.4k of cartridges loaded = 3¢ per round (yes, I know I still have the bullet and primer to go)
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