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  1. I carried one for a while--best part was the vest that held all the ammo--distributed the weight and shoulders took a bunch of the strain off your back.




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  2. My understanding (but I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn) is to wasp-waist them from the sides.  


    don't reduce the thickness, rather narrow both sides in a smooth curve from near the top to near the bottom


    then file/sand/stone them smooth to remove any rough places that might allow cracks to develop.


    take it easy--don't heat them any more than is necessary


    and the cardinal rule:  you can always take off more--putting it back is tough :)

  3. Concho,


    this is interesting.  What part of The Republic do you hail from?


    is the shipping store part of a chain?  or stand-alone?


    could be as simple as a decision of the owners/operators--it's their business after all

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  4. FWIW

    my pard, just this past week sold his,  after 4 years and countless trips to the gunsmith he gave up on it.  Will say he never sent it to the gurus of Lightnings just the ones he could drive to here in Houston--doesn't trust sending them by mail.  For him, there was a 'sweet spot' in working the slide and he never could find and stay there during a run.  


    I've been playing this game for over 20 years and have only seen one cowboy with a fully functioning Lightning.


    Another pard said they were built for bottleneck cartridges, .44-40s, and straight walls have problems--the one mentioned above is a 45 Colt version.





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