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  1. taught a pair of mirror boys--5th grade




    never cold tell them apart--drove the classes crazy as they would yell out all sorts of differences for me to notice--still "no joy" for me


    just called both, Matt-John for the entire year



  2. back to question 1:  this is for Texas


    State has some right to take DNA samples

    Depending on the crime, the state of Texas has some right to take DNA samples from the accused person or suspect, but not a complete right. The timing and the means for collecting the DNA sample depend on the charge and on the person’s criminal record.

    If an accused person is indicted or arrested for a violent or sex-related crime such as sexual assault, the state has the legal right to take a DNA sample via blood or cheek swab (also is known as a buccal swab).

    Such samples can be taken at arrest or booking (when information about an arrest is recorded at a police station) or at arraignment (a hearing in court when a person is formally charged). DNA sample collection is handled at arraignment if the person has no previous convictions. If the accused has prior convictions, the sample is taken at booking.

    Police can also take a DNA sample if they have a search warrant to do so or if they have what is known as “probable cause” that the suspect committed the crime. A court may also order that a blood sample with DNA be collected after a person has been convicted of a felony in Texas.

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