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  1. thanks to all for their input, insights, and suggestions


    the club plan has been finalized


    he will shoot a Nevada Sweep at each stage

    no Ps

    RO will continue to shepherd him as they have done in the past


    not mentioned above but we'll also continue to stage his longs guns and recover them at the end of his string


    we want him to continue in this hobby/sport/obsession for as long as he can safely do it. 


    As one of our members said, "There but for the Grace of God . . . "




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  2. we have a cowboy that came out on the short end of the stick during COVID. 


    While he can safely shoot he has suffered major memory problems.  He can't remember the sweeps from the time the buzzer goes off till he gets to the second firearm.


    What do you think about allowing him to shoot Nevada Sweeps at all the stages no matter what the scenarios call for?  He knows he would get a "P" but just wants to be able to shoot--he is always at the very bottom so it's not like he's trying to 'game' the match.


    I feel this is a way to keep him in our hobby/sport/obsession for as long as possible.  His long-term diagnosis is continued memory decline.





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