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  1. 52 minutes ago, Krazy Kajun said:

    You just need to go ahead and bring them to the recycler and get your money for them.  Then you can donate all that money to the Krazy Kajun Widows and Orphans and Wayward Wimmin's Society where you just KNOW that it will be put to a proper and "good" use. :D




    Please post a link--I'm sure many of us will want to contribute 

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  2. 10 hours ago, Chantry said:


    I'm not jumping out of plane unless it's going to crash, explode or I'm going to get paid a LOT of money

    EMs got $50 per month and if they didn't work (the 'chutes, not the EMs) you could take it back for a new one.


    Had a "May West" on my very first jump--fun and games 

  3. On 4/6/2024 at 10:00 PM, watab kid said:

    make your own - you will be happier in the end , 


    Here is my 'take' on reloading


    cases = free after you find/scrounge/buy them

    powder = ($50 per pound ÷ 7000 grains per pound < 1¢) X 5 grains per round = 5¢

    primer = let's call it 10¢ close enough for government work

    bullets:  I cast my own and can buy lead ingots at 50 lbs for $80 = call it 2½¢ per grain.  For 200-grain bullet =  5¢

    so 1 cartridge of .45 Colt costs me right at 20¢

    my 120 round count 6-stage match's cost for metallic cartridges = $24 . . . that's for 120 rounds!

    looking at the link provided above the cheapest .45 Colt ammo with all lead bullets is just under $1 per round (no tax or shipping figured in) = $120 for that same match

    and I get to tailor the recoil by adjusting my powder loads which is not an option going with store-bought ammo


    I reload shotgun shells, too but that's a story for another time


    yes, my reloading presses and assorted "toys" weren't free but, I do see reloading as fun and a sorta-separate hobby/obsession

    Casting is another sorta-separate enjoyable enterprise  and then there is powder coating the bullets which is near-on to magic


    So, my humble suggestion is to find a fellow shooter that reloads and check out this part.  



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  4. you didn't say how new your guns are.  As you shoot them, they will get smoother--may take a while but they will.  


    Action jobs just use files and stones to do the smoothing quicker.


    back to your OP:  I got two of each as I wanted to see what MY pistols would feel like.  In the Grand Scheme of Things they don't cost that much



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