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  1. I know it's French but it does get my blood pumping--one of my gym tunes, too
  2. I remember going up Kettle Hill with T.R. Bully, Bully! fun fact: T.R. was the only President to win the Nobel Peace Prize and earn the Medal of Honor
  3. pair of OMV (yes, I know they were never called Old Model till the NMV ones came out) bought in 2003 when I started the hobby/sport/obsession .45 Colt lighter springs--have no idea it's been years Montado hammers as my arthritis in my thumbs like the lower hammer spurs Sheriff's model cylinder pin so I can take it completely out--could have cut the OEM ones but then I wouldn't need to spend $$ Altamont grips: see below (shown on Wranger but will work for my OMV ones, too)
  4. as mentioned above be a combat zone without infantry MOS = right should patch later transfer to an infantry unit and earn EIB although I knew an artillery major who had a CIB, was sent to RVN, assigned MACV and worked in an infantry slot
  5. we compile a list of clean shooters each year the following year we draw two for free entry at our annual
  6. at least everyone involved was in the same country
  7. I can see why they would--the plane has no wings
  8. I use an Excel spreadsheet easy to delete/add lines as info changes
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