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  1. I retired from my paying job just over 6 years ago. I now spend a lot of my time trying to keep my wife from working me to death on the ranch. :D 


    Retirement is the best job I’ve ever had. They pay me to stay home!

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  2. On 6/28/2023 at 12:04 PM, Tetherow Tex LaRue said:

    So who are the 7 brave souls i'm going to make ' look  good '?  :D 

    Me, Sunrise Bill, Rock Starr, Holy Rider, Lightfoot, and Madame Pinkerton. The Who's Who of Classic Cowboy types in this part of the world, as it were. Buffalo Belle was signed up but she had to drop out.

  3. I'm not remotely as fast as some of the gents listed above, but I recently transitioned from using a crossdraw back to double duelist because there are so many more transition options available and to take some of the work load off of my right wrist. I generally shoot all of my guns while squared up to the table, prop, etc. I have arthritis in both wrists so picking up a long gun while shooting a pistol isn't in the cards for me: however, the holster rig I have allows me to holster both pistols with my left hand, which is where I am often able to make up time on transitions. I can start the long gun toward my shoulder while holstering my second pistol (learned that one from Runamuck who was amazing at it).


    As has been said, do whatever practicing it takes to be able to holster your left pistol while pulling your right pistol (or vice versa depending on the direction of the stage movement). I found a long time ago that practicing drawing and holstering in front of a full-length mirror helps to develop the muscle memory needed to be able to make smooth pistol transitions without looking at my holsters, which can shave enough time off of a stage to actually move you up a placing. 


    And learn to shoot well with your left hand. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it in the long term...

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  4. On 4/25/2023 at 5:38 PM, Dantankerous said:

    You get your Northwest Classics all tuned up and us Midwest Classics will meet y'all in Cheyenne sometime for a HUGE Classic Cowboy Jamboree!



    Now that would be fun!

    On 4/25/2023 at 8:30 PM, Cowtown Scout, SASS #53540 L said:

    I will be in MT late May and WY in early June.  :ph34r:

    And you need to be in eastern Oregon in mid-July! :D 

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