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  • Birthday 07/18/1957

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    Express Ranch, Oregon Territory
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    Hunting, shooting, and writing novels. Reluctant TG of the Virtue Flat Shootist Society, Baker City, Oregon. :>) I also shoot with my good pards at the Oregon Trail Regulators, La Grande, OR.

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About Me

About me. Hmm, where to start. Oh well, here goes...


I'm married with children. I work full time away from the ranch while my wife ranches, then I come home from work and work for her. So I guess you could say I have two jobs, one that pays and one that doesn't. I've got two boys, one who's a chef and one who gifted me with a plumb dandy granddaughter. I like shooting, reloading, hunting, rodeo, photography, messing with computers, working on my webpage, writing novels, reading, listening to music, camping, and eating. Not necessarily in that order, of course...

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