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  1. 34 minutes ago, John Boy said:

    Stump, a good Company forecasts Demand.

    Easy too. Just read the FBI website for the volume increase of NICS checks registered in the database 

    I watched the FBI website, saw the much higher registrations and stocked up on primers and 22’s at the prices before this shortage. Vista Outdoors that owns nearly every company in this recreational market could have done the same forecasting.  Dollars to donuts they are watching it now, but too late to supply the products

    But their stockholders are licking their chops ... 30 cents a round vs 3 cents a primer with a billion dollar backlog

    re: Remington ... they bought in October and it’s now March.  Keep looking at their hiring website , nada for factory help but they keep saying we are going to rehire 200 employees.  Talked with a fella familiar with Remington and only a few of the 200 have been hired back so far

    And Federal’s their mouth piece about the primer shortage.  Heard any production from Remington or increased production from CCI ? 

    Plus Obama restricted importation of firearms and supplies.  Trump screwed up and didn’t veto it and Biden and Harris would never veto it because they are determined they are going to strip the 2nd Amendment as deep as they can 


    I'm sure you could have turned it around on a dime JB.  Why aren't you on the BoD of Vista?


    "A fella familiar with Remington".  


    Got it JB. 


    As usual.





  2. Thanks for posting.


    Boggles the mind.  


    There's a hundred primers in a tube.  Anybody that needs a counter...


    Just proves that you can spend as much on something as you want to.



  3. I've never noticed the "blooper" in the meadow scene.  JW has the rifle in his right hand and the pistol in his left during the initial charge.  When they pass he turns and shoots a bad guy with the rifle.  Cut to bad guy falling off his horse.  Cut back to JW and the guns have changed hands and he shoots another bad guy with pistol.  Cut to bad guy & horse falling.  Cut back to JW reining his horse around and the guns are switched back.

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  4. In 2006 at Mule Camp a shooter pulled a round for a reload from his holster.  He had sewn a "thong" onto his holster to hold the round.   BB RO declared it an illegally acquired round because it wasn't a "proper bullet loop".


    And so the bullet loop bruhaha began.

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  5. 22 hours ago, MizPete said:

    Yes, you should.  There is a motel 10 min from the range & it fills up quick.  Petey & I bought a l'il tin can a year ago & stay on the range.


    Buying a tin can is out.  I'll hafta see what I can wrangle.

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  6. In my opinion the lock time argument is a sales gimmick and nothing more. I have seen some very lightly sprung guns run extremely fast. I am not saying that it's not possible to outrun a hammer with a light spring, but if there are shooters who can they are damn few and I have not met any.


    My opinion also.


    Riding the hammer down or getting back on it before the trigger is pulled (personal timing, as DS said)... different problems.

  7. Not true. Some people can pull the trigger on a semi-auto faster than the gun can properly function. Look up Ed McGivern.


    And you don't even have to be a Deuce Stevens/Red River Ray class shooter to be able to shoot five out of a tuned revolver faster than a semi-auto's mechanism will allow you to shoot five.


    Rugers are built like a tank... but I sold my set because I found I shot my Ubertis more.


    I have a set of open tops and a set made by Evil Roy. I really like shooting both sets. I also prefer the look of longer barrels! Here are mine... with the holsters I made for each set. I shoot cross draw.




    Good lookin' leather JD.

  9. Yes, none of these things are hard fast rules and not all suggestions will work for every shooter. I used to have trouble with pistol dumps and would avoid them when possible as well. For me it was a purely mental challenge as there is no reason that a sweep should be faster other than that I was doing something wrong when dumping.




    Split pistols. not drawing second pistol till you get to second targets.


    Depends on the shooter I reckon. I was told by a fellow at the top of this game, "When you have to move, Move! Shoot when you get there. If you're drawing on the run you're not moving as fast as you can."


    Since he's better than me, and since I can move pretty good and just shoot pretty OK, I put it into practice. Works out better for me. Exploit what you're better at.

  11. another one I see commonly is when the pistol sweep is 10 on 3, I see a lot of people engaging more than one target with both guns. You only have to engage 2 targets with one gun and one with the other. Minimizing target transition time safes time.



    Depends on the shooter I reckon. I always felt like I could shoot 2-2-1 faster than I could shoot a 5-shot dump. So one day I went to the range with the timer and... it's twue, it's twue!

  12. My grand father always called his 99 Savage in .250-3000 with Lyman 57 rear sight his "meat in the pot gun"..... I inherited it years ago and used it last weekend on a large body 3 point mule deer that lived in on a section of alphalfa field.....One shot with a 75 grain Accubond did the job.


    What a nostalgic journey for me....My dad's old Shrade LB-7 folding hunting knife did the field dressing.....


    Although both have been deceased for many years, they were both with me on last weekends hunt. How do you improve on THAT?




    You don't.

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