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  1. Thought I was in the ballpark with the price compared to others recently sold. But lots of looks with no offers. So back to the top with a lower price.
  2. Howdy McCandless! Dies are all yours. Sent you a PM with particulars.
  3. For Sale: Ruger .32 Single Six "Baby" Vaquero. Very good condition. Blued with original grips, includes box and all papers. Slight bluing wear around muzzle, usual ring around cylinder. Front sight polished bright. Only used as a backup gun in a few matches. 2002 manufacture. Cody Conagher action job that lightened the hammer pull and trigger pull. It is NOT short-stroked and still has the transfer bar. $900 shipped from my FFL to yours.
  4. For Sale, all prices include shipping. Happy to consider all offers or give discounts for combining shipping on multiple items. 1) 30-06 brass, about 260 pieces. Mix of Remington, Federal, and Winchester. No idea how many times fired. $70. 2) Lee 30-06 reloading dies. Full length sizer, bullet seater factory crimp, shell holder. Good condition. slight surface rust. $25. 3) Lee 300 Weatherby reloading dies. Full length sizer, bullet seater factory crimp, shell holder. Excellent condition. $35. 4) 80 Hornady 243 bullets 80 grain FMJ, 19 Federal 243 cases. $20. 5) RCBS 5-0-2 scale. Appears new in box. $50. 6) 20 .222 Remington cases (NOT .223). $10
  5. Cleaning out the closet, have the following items for sale. All prices include shipping. I'll always entertain offers, and happy to take more pictures of anything: 1) Brassada Caped Canvas Duster, men's size Small, Tan color. Clean, very good condition. $65 2) Pachmayr Compac rubber grips for Smith and Wesson J Frame round butt. Like new, $25
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