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  1. Kincade, Thanks for sharing the memorable Christmas event with us. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Feliz Navidad, Keystone
  2. Thanks BDM, Always enjoy your projects & videos. Nice presentions of the antique firearms. Merry Christmas, Keystone
  3. Very Good News! Best wishes for a complete healing to Palewolf. May God Bless. Merry Christmas. Vaya con Dios Amigo, Keystone
  4. Howdy, Mark your brass with a sharpie/ magic marker until you are able to resolve the problem. Hasta Luego, Keystone
  5. Yul Lose, Which popcorn & flavoring do you use? Hot air pop corn is kind of bland tasting. Thanks, Keystone
  6. Howdy, Good to see y'all at GCR match. I forgot your e-mail. Was looking for place to stay at for GA State Match. My e-mail is keystonetn@comcast.net. Hasta Luego, Keystone

  7. Hello,

    We all enjoyed the match and were glad to be part of the inagural event. I forgot to get the "Hole in the Bar" banner before I left. I will pay to have it sent to my home if you can send it to me. Thanks again for a good time.

    Hasta Luego, Keystone

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