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  1. I haven’t had one in years, last time I gad one it was okay. What do you expect something gourmet that you pop in the toaster? You guys crack me up!
  2. There was a guy who used to shoot Silver Senior Double Duelist at a couple different local shoots that accept anything! He was always the only one! Surprise he was always FIRST!
  3. And busy moms for their kids breakfast!! I actually like em myself!
  4. https://fox8.com/news/pop-tart-inventor-dies-at-96/?fbclid=IwAR0sqG_30W_cBbaudDxKI3rkNl-k4K_0dSwNoU92MY0SLgFlm4Nel_UFUOc
  5. Yea I agree plus we don't like change very much!!
  6. But the announcer never said here’s the black national anthem, he simply announced the title of the song to be sung by so and so. He did announce however, Here’s Our National Anthem to be performed by country star Reba Mcyntyre.
  7. Did ya ever think why they had these doors on saloons or did they? https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/78758/how-did-saloons-old-west-lock-their-doors-night
  8. We say it at the beginning of every cowboy shoot! I’ve never paid any attention to the “cadence”. It just seems to all come together naturally!
  9. Like I said the NFL announcer never said the black national anthem he just said” Here’s so and so singing “Lift every heart and sing”. He did say here’s Reba McIntyre singing OUR National Anthem. I think it’s the media calling it the black national anthem to get everyone stirred up so they have another story!
  10. Take a bunch of pictures, maybe take a small piece of it for a momento and then contact the authorities.
  11. Aha upside down too! Yes I remember now! Thanks for shaking up my memory.
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