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  1. Cleveland band! I know all these guys! I used to hang out with Jimmy Fox the drummer after gigs. Great bunch of guys!
  2. That was doggone nice of them BTW you were #1 I wasn’t too far behind at #3
  3. Thanks SLO Mo for putting on another fun shoot! Thanks also to whom ever brought the lunch sandwiches, that was great! Neat prize those cowboy ornaments for the 4th place shooter. Cool idea!
  4. People running for office don’t need to fill out applications, anyone can run!
  5. Who does? None of the democrats that’s for sure!
  6. Wonder what 1955 has to do with cowboy? I’ve done 1865, 1866, 1873 and 1892 sweeps.
  7. Isn’t this a sarcasm emoji?? BTW that is a Mossberg Pat
  8. I have a mix of revolvers and semi autos in my house for HD. I know what you mean. I thought this would be good for a basement gun. I’ll have to try one before I buy.
  9. Anyone shoot one of these. I’m thinking about this for home defense
  10. I don’t care what kind of POS gun I had I refuse to support these buy back programs! I’ll sell it at a gun show or destroy it or use it as a paperweight before I go to one of these antigun events !
  11. So you want to go all electric ? Let’s start with the border fence!
  12. I told my TG's to vote YES on all 3. They all make sense.
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