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  1. I never battle wits with someone below my level. I'll leave you alone now!
  2. So you have no answer? C'mon man!!
  3. I’m wide awake now! 3 cups of coffee! Shooter is ready!!
  4. Why is defense pronounced DEEFENCE in football but nowhere else? You don’t hear self-Deefence, they don’t even say it in baseball as far as I know. So anyone know why? I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far excuse me.
  5. Brown is a nice place to shoot! They have grub!!!
  6. We’ve had a beautiful summer here in NE Ohio. We only had 2-90 degree days. Not much rain, mostly high 70’s and 80’s. It’s 65 and sunny today! Gorgeous day!
  7. My son is a co-writer on this song. Check it out, it’s heading to #1 on the country charts.
  8. In Ohio we can give or sell to anyone as long as they show proof of residency.
  9. Something a little different. Drum solo with brushes.
  10. I go about 5 miles out of my way to save about .20 a gallon at BJs wholesale club. There’s a Shell station right up the corner less than a 1/4 mile and I pass at least 4 others on the way to BJs. They’re all 20-30 cents more!
  11. I’d do it for the exercise! I walk about 2 miles a day 5 days a week sometimes 7 days.
  12. Thanks to all who came out and helped! It was a fun day! Hey Seamus nice hat!
  13. Excuse my ignorance but who’s HB??
  14. Royal Castle here had Birch Beer which tasted a lot like root beer but somehow it was better. How about Sarsaparilla?? Yum
  15. Yes it is! Accurate and it feeds anything!
  16. Are you addicted to Marijuana ? “Oh heck no I’ve been smoking it for 30 years I can quit anytime I want!”
  17. Ohio has a medical marijuana card and those with it can still get a gun on the 4473. Technically they’re not addicted they just use it for medical purposes. They’re lying on the 4473 but The Feds and the state of Ohio don’t communicate because of the HIPAA law. This is what I was told by several sources from my LGS.
  18. I’m pretty sure the question is, Are you addicted to marijuana or any illegal drugs. Not word for word but something close to that.
  19. I am positive I can handle a room full of anti 2A lawyers. I’ve filled our numerous 4473’s and I’m 100% positive I’ve never lied !
  20. I always thought it was Arvo Ojala who taught many actors the fast draw but i've also heard Sammy Davis, Glenn Ford and Jerry Lewis.
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