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  1. I also put ketchup on a cheeseburger and the sacrilege be damned! According to who is it sacrilege??? You're obviously not Italian because you're wrong!
  2. Mine was a cut and weld that I bought it in 2017 brand new. Weird. Maybe, I bought mine in 2017 and I had all kinds of feeding problems.
  3. I'd suggest Pioneer gun works or Cowboys and Indians. Don't buy one that's already been fitted to someone else's gun!
  4. The Comanchero I bought 4 yrs ago was a cut and weld since I had to buy a new lever and a short stroke kit to get it right. Lije I said before I had all kinds of problems with it when I bought it. I sent it back and they supposedly fixed it but I still had problems. There was no work order or info on what they did. My local gunsmith installed a ss kit from Cowboys and Indians and a NEW lever. Glad to hear they changed it.
  5. Thanks Seamus but I picked up a 25# bag of shot for $50.00 so I’m good for awhile . I’ve got 25 boxes reloaded now. I’ll be reloading that 50# starting today.
  6. My Dad was born in Italy and came here when he was 11. I don’t know when he lost his accent but he never had one since when I was born and he was 36.
  7. Yea they show Jesse for a minute, Hitler too (actors of course )
  8. That’s great but gas would eat up the savings for me. It’s about an hour ride for me. 56 miles to be exact.
  9. I just saw a commercial for Tunnels to Towers, it’s $11.00 a month
  10. I didn’t even get coal! I guess I was so naughty that I didn’t even deserve a hunk of coal.
  11. Not if you do it right! It’s an art to get a nice mouthful on the fork. I grew up doing it.
  12. $5.00 to $$7.00!for a cup of coffee? That must be for a triple latte with whipped cream or something ! The most I’ve paid for a cup of coffee was $2.75 and that was at Starbucks which is really expensive. It was a large coffee house blend.
  13. Update: Good movie, rah rah America and true story. I thought it was done very well, the clothes, hairdos and the e music was right on. They sure got the rowing down as well. Interesting movie, interesting times 1936.
  14. Maybe Dilithium crystals someday?? Elon Musk will find some I’m sure.
  15. Well now them's fighting words, I'll show you how fast I am...........Wanna see it again?
  16. My friend has a Hyundai Hybrid, it has a gas engine and a battery as you all probably know. I would consider one of those. They supposedly have a 10 year warranty on the battery and if and when it dies there's still the gas engine to keep ya rolling! Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Coverage 10-Year / 100,000-Mile Hybrid/EV Battery Warranty
  17. Got nothing to do today so I’m going with a pard to see this movie https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/the-boys-in-the-boat-official-trailer/vi-AA1lUNin
  18. https://marketrealist.com/p/who-owns-heinz-ketchup/
  19. A good friend of mine was born in Brooklyn NY, he moved to Ohio when he was 20 and he’s been here ever since. He’s now 79 and still has a touch of that Brooklyn accent. I have friends whose parents came to the USA from Italy, Poland and Ireland when they were in their 20’s they’re all gone now but they never lost their accents. We called it “broken English “ .
  20. Two of the cowboy shoots I attend have a clubhouse with kitchens and they got rid of Heinz. One uses Hunts and the other uses a generic brand. I brought them some brown mustard. Bertmans Stadium mustard it’s a tradition in Cleveland at the baseball games. The only mustard I like.
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