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  1. I had 2 cats for 20 years. Half brother and sister, when I was ready to go to bed I would clap my hands and say "let's go" and the cats would meander off my bed. I then closed the door. I can't sleep with animals unless they're human!
  2. It's called the winter equinox. Starting on the first day of winter the days get longer. Don't matter how cold or how much snow ya got, it's got to do with the movement of the earth!
  3. I do have a rod and reel and a tackle box with some cool lures in there. Should I use a bobber?
  4. Nice find Allie!!! Was that in a Sears catalog??
  5. 300 hours of babysitting at maybe $10.00 an hour? =$3000.00 at $5.00 an hour it's $1500.00 lots of money for a 13 year old. I'd say no to this!!
  6. Public hanging and put it on Pay per View with proceeds going to the victim's family!!
  7. I wouldn't shoot it at a match, I wouldn't want to ruin my FAST times. Hey I even beat you on a stage here and there don't ya know???? Like when you mess up!!! I think it would be a cool gun to have, ya know, just to have!!!
  8. Cool! That looks like a really old piano in the background.
  9. I started off with a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 and a Win 94 in .45 colt and a Stoeger shotgun. Those guns are long gone but boy did I have fun the first match I went to. I wasn't last either???
  10. I saw one of these today, kinda like a harp. Pretty cool, over 1000 years old!! (Not the one I saw, it was brand new.) https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-Lkry-SF01&hsimp=yhs-SF01&hspart=Lkry&p=Guzheng#id=3&vid=2fd8af11636a7987cdffff82ebe5347e&action=click
  11. Well, we agree on something huh??? Not black powder though!!!
  12. Buy whatever you like and go shoot!!!! Dive in with both feet! You're gonna change your mind so many times on guns to use for this sport anyway. So buy what you can and go shoot!!! I disagree with all that say "Don't buy" until you go to a shoot! Just go shoot!!!! JUST MHO
  13. No but it will work with .44 mag brass according to the article. I noticed there's no external hammer though, I wonder if that would be a factor??
  14. Anyone see the article in Guns of the Old West magazine (fall issue) about the Evans rifle. Interesting read, there still out there and you apparently use .44 mag brass, black powder only of course. I wonder if the Evans is SASS legal??? Rye
  15. I've shot these guns once and believe me they are a HOOT!!!! Hurry and buy 'em, before I raid my Christmas fund!!
  16. Guess not, it told me that maybe I should try dolls!!!
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