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  1. Dana Loesch is on it. She tells her audience all the time. I’m going to have to check it out!
  2. I kissed my mom and dad on the forehead. I also kissed my grandparents at their funerals on the forehead when I was a kid. All of us kids did.
  3. I picked up 1000 Federals for $79.99 and I thought that was expensive !! $200 for 1000!!! Wow
  4. Bluff Riddle Bat Lash Rusty Wheel Russ Bell
  5. Good point! It’s green here too! I’ll take the dark green!
  6. Both my sons get me gift cards, I always tell them don’t buy anything but I do appreciate the cards!
  7. 5.5 grs of Clays or TiteGroup under a 200 gr bullet makes a nice light load
  8. I didn't sign up for Fox News I have it on cable, I also have all the others but I hardly ever watch them because all they do is make excuses for this POTUS and put down his competitor. They also "twist" the stories to benefit the current administration. Does Fox twist the story to put down the current administration? Sometimes but most of the time they don't have to!
  9. The reason I like Fox News is it seems they report stories you just don’t see on the other channels. For example they’ve been on the border crisis since day one of this presidency and they’re on it every day. They do the same on Israel-Hamas too. Others can disagree but Fox is my go to channel. They’re not perfect but none of them are!
  10. Hmmm...How about fishing on Lake Erie in Cleveland with Canada maybe 50-60 miles away? Somewhere in between that is the Canada border, I think.
  11. I checked em out on Amazon, they all have "shade settings", can't seem to find a plain old fashioned toaster!
  12. Thanks I'm going to check em out, I'm done with this thing!
  13. He went after the money and threw Nathan’s under the bus so they said bye bye Joey!!
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