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  1. RIP Donald. Thanks for the great entertainment .
  2. .301 lifetime BA, 660 home runs and 1909 RBIs. Great lifetime stats. His fielding was awesome. Great player and everyone who knew him spoke highly of him as a gentleman! RIP Willie!!
  3. I've loaded hundreds of Rem primers, they work great never had a problem except finding them!
  4. Something has to be done about these thieves! He probably had a record and was let out with no cash bail ! Terrible!
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/remembering-willie-mays-the-catch-from-1954-world-series-the-greatest-catch-ever/ar-BB1otxwC
  6. Watching the Lawman this morning and it starts off with someone coming in the Marshalls office saying Wild Bill has just been killed! Marshall Dan Troop knows about it. Anyway Jack McCall winds up holding the doctor and another guy hostage and makes the Deputy get him a horse. Long story short they wind up catching McCall and handcuffing him. Apparently it was after his first trial which he was found not guilty. He did flee to Wyoming where the Lawman series was taken place, Weird………
  7. 3.6 TiteGroup with a 125 gr bullet !!
  8. This would lower taxes by a bunch if they'd ever get their &*^% together! Property taxes funding schools is unconstitutional according to the Ohio Supreme court, yet it still goes on! https://www.wcpo.com/news/election-2020/despite-being-unconstitutional-ohios-school-funding-system-lives-on-how-is-it-hurting-students
  9. Same here in Ohio in the town I live in. They've gone up but nowhere near doubled!
  10. I saw the first one and didn’t care for it. I also don’t like Matt Damon I think they could picked someone better than him.
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