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  1. Not everyone gets a vote from the 15 amendment! It did not include women of any color! 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote!
  2. I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot oh well https://education.nationalgeographic.org/resource/15th-amendment-united-states-constitution/
  3. I tried watching The Sven a few times, I just can't stand him and his antics. He's not funny at all and quite annoying as well. IMHO
  4. Campers: People spending thousands of dollars to live like the homeless!
  5. Stallone is an antigun Hollyweird hypocrite! Rocky on the other hand was fake!
  6. It stands for Diversity Equity Inclusion Yes a woke term used by leftists !
  7. But your buddy groundhog in Pennsyltucky said an early spring!!
  8. My friend got a croquet set and we’d play in his backyard for hours. Sometimes our parents would join in. We also played bocci ball , an Italian game.
  9. I’ve occasionally used a micrometer to measure the thickness of a piano string. I hold it like Alpo described above. The piece of string I’m measuring will be held in a vise.
  10. I wonder when they’ll pull those commercials?
  11. You have the right to watch or not. That’s just fine with me! I also have a right to watch a good football game! Baseball is my # 1 favorite but football is a close second. I’m looking forward to a good battle of a game!
  12. I think the league and many owners stopped players from the kneeling. That’s why we don’t see it anymore. I watched all the playoffs and there was no kneeling. I’m over it already. I didn’t like it when it was happening but it’s over.
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