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  1. I saw him in at the Naval Ammunition Depot in McAlester Oklahoma on Armed Forces Day about 1965. He did the quick draw demonstration with blanks and paper cups. He would balance one on the back of his hand held just above the pistol. He would then drop his hand and shoot the paper cup before it hit the ground. I was about 12 then and I was impressed. Lots of people have only seen Thompson guns in the movies and have never fired one. They seem to think the movies are real and that they are uncontrollable.
  2. Look up SL-1 Reactor. It was a joint Army-Navy reactor that went prompt critical during maintenance. There was a steam explosion and a couple of guys died, and yes there was radiation leakage. When I went through the Navy's nuclear power school, we saw a movie about the reactor. At the time it was classified. I later (a few years ago) saw the same movie on some history type programing. They must have declassified the movie.
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