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  1. I've got a pair of new model #3's that i shoot occasionally in matches. 1870's vintage. But i regularly shoot an 1847 British Coast Guard pistol at the range. Lots of fun. My oldest gun. Wildcat O'Shea #47844
  2. I was using 200 grn and switched to 230 while maintaining the same power factor. So less powder, more lead. I felt a significant change in felt recoil. Significant! So my recommendation is definitely use the heavier lead and adjust powder to get a 155-160 power factor. Much more controllable while shooting at speed.
  3. The german Reichrevolver. The single action version of course.
  4. I’m not allowed to say champ cause you’re not of course American, but WOW! Still kicking ass and handing out chicklets & you’re all out of chicklets! Still my hero! Y’know you’re supposed to get slower as you age, but you just keep getting faster. Wait until you’re thirty! You rock! Love ya Wildcat O’Shea
  5. To qualify as antiques up here, the firearm needs to be manufactured before December 31,1897. It also can not be on the short list of "no go" cartridges ( includes .45 LC, 44-40, 38-40, etc.). That's for a revolver. So my original S&W #3 in .44 Russian qualifies as antique. Your SAA in 44-40 doesn't. For the shotgun, about the only guage that would qualify is 28 guage. All others are "no go". For the rifle, anything with a magazine is NOT an antique no matter when it was made. So single shot only, and in about .40 cal or larger ( not dead sure on the caliber but big is ok). Welcome to Canadian firearm laws. Get ahold of the club, and there will be someone ready to cheerfully loan you guns. Bring your own gunleather & shotshell belt. If you ever get to Ontario, I'll loan you guns. Lord knows I've got enough to go around.
  6. Collin, I got your "E" mule and it's ready to go pard. Via USPS.

    Happy trails & thank you again.


  7. I'll be needin your complete address before I

    can work on getting a price.


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