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  1. I prime with a Lee handheld priming tool. S&B and military brass are no problem for it.
  2. That’s probably closer to the truth than you might think. Of course they did it with a lot of material and other aid from us and the Brits.
  3. I use Red Dot or Green dot in all my cowboy guns including 38 spl, 44 Russian, 44 Spl, 44 WCF, 45 Colt and 12 gauge. Also works in 9mm, 45 acp and 45/70.
  4. As a cancer survivor of 3 years and counting, I pray your results are as good as mine have been. Hang in their Allie!
  5. I’m with Rye on this. I been doing this for almost 25 years. I have guns in 38 spl, 44Russian, 44 spl, 44-40 and 45colt. I have Colt saa’s, Colt 1860 & 1851 conversions, Ruger original big frame Vaqueros and New Vaqueros. All my rifles are in 44WCF. It’s the only caliber for a 73 Winchester in my opinion. I wouldn’t give up any of Em! I shoot Em all regularly, but me, I’m playing cowboy, not competing. If My score is in the faster shooters of the match there are some mighty slow shooters at that match! Try as many as you can. Don’t hesitate to accept an offer to try someone’s guns. Cowboy shooters love to let others try their guns. It’s what we do!
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