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  1. Knock - Knock

    Anyone there? ;p

  2. Just so y'all know, the 'poofer' 12ga are all gone! And the press has been set up right.... [Furball, '8' has been retired.]


  3. hey Karl - CC said to talk to you ...

    Lookin for the name and contact info for the IN state vendor that was doing leather work - had a Russian like accent... Paid for some work he still has never sent... Called me in March and said it was coming... he said he'd moved to Texas but the number he called me from at that time is not working.


  4. Hey Charlie - You coming to the BP this weekend? How's the rig? Can I use 'er this weekend?

  5. Also - tryin to round up Boss, 100x, ??? to do the WIld Bunch - KK said those would be the most likely suspects...

    You can add me and Buck to the rosters - I'm just sortin out class and gear...

    You heard from Hogleg of late? Looking for my 1911 and the rig he started last summmer...

  6. I just sent you a PM on your 'earlier' account. Can you get that there?

  7. Just challenged Mike to do Wild Bunch 'lefty' cause of his sholder - told him I'd do it if he would to keep 'er even... lol

  8. Hey chief - Wanna shoot Wild Bunch lefty? I'll do it if you and Boss will to keep er all even? lol

  9. Your comments looked M. T. so.... here's yur sign!

  10. Hey Y'all - any of you need my 'extra' 12ga loads... lol - wait for it... wait for it... 'pop'...

  11. Hey y'all - any going Wild Bunch?

  12. Ed,

    Hope your Doc trip goes better than planned! If ya get a chance, let us know how things r goin' !


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