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  1. https://www.xsteeltargets.com/collections/on-sale-now?fbclid=IwAR2OvE63xGZk4L3_IcdSVTaVr_dYVQzqcm90-nq5rq3fWDH2_-beKqHQOXI More ... https://special.yankeethunder.com/optin-431034721600963742487?fbc_id=23846742071680161&fbclid=IwAR3_Pwm_I1ZvdepUW0sYsLk_ZCzGiPNv9reQXee_piMsbZaz6ARBZwfL16s%2Baem_Ad0ld9KTror7_Y-FzDj_u4xfkPkNWke77RGAzHU0h1-5pen3Wgu3AGoA0OvVEitDzj6e8goLQAyPmfIO0U47kGYwlhTo4gO7arYa5NIHFvmPd-NlSwINiVux0ASvIWMUAZs.
  2. They are just a little smaller than a 32 or 38 splashy on the plate, so look closer Spotters
  3. ... and these primers, Ramsets don’t need a powder charge. Pick your velocity from the following chart ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powder-actuated_tool Only issue would be the need for a rimfire firing pin. The can be used in rimfire caliber cases that have been modified to use a primer. Check Roberson Cartridge Company for available calibers
  4. John Boy

    Lead shot

    Friend walked in the door with a 50# bag of 7 1/2 ... Happy Birthday
  5. Have not shot it in a match, but took a Rossi 38 Spl and it is now a 32-20
  6. http://stevespages.com/429p_4_200.html
  7. 200gr .... Titegroup From 5.0 grains to 6.2 grains PS Marshal ... there are loading data links in SASS FAQ for both smokeless and black powder
  8. One of the reasons all my pots are ladle dips
  9. Warden’s post is the best source. eBay was definitely over priced
  10. https://www.ebay.com/p/1085738175?iid=124484112171
  11. Found 1 results for 90225SA Year of Manufacture 1977 Model SINGLE ACTION ARMY (3RD GENERATION) https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/revolvers/colt-revolvers-single-action-army-3rd-gen.c30_p1_o6.cfm
  12. After years of wet tumbling smokeless and black powder with a 3 oz solution of Strat-O-Sheen ... with 3mm ceramic media and a 2 second squirt of Dawn or the Dawn 3x ... bright and shiny inside and out with clean primer pockets for both powder cases Years back we ran a long thread on the Wire using this combination with pictures and ... mine was the winning picture of brass and convinced folks about the Strat-O-Sheen use PS: Change your solution after each tumble otherwise the sulfide states in the solution will turn your cases a pretty shade of gray
  13. I called Graf & Sons ... was told their powder is relabeled Goex
  14. They got their Federal Firearms License, rehired 90% of 200 former employees and will be back in business in February
  15. Track of the Wolf round ball molds ... pick your size ... https://www.trackofthewolf.com/list/item.aspx/1202/1
  16. Trying to have Stoeger for service is like trying to win the Lottery ... save your breath and emails
  17. Wow, talking about stuff to slickup firearms, the stuff available to slick up Dillions is amazing
  18. Have a LC Smith, 12ga pre WWII = 2 3/4" Also a Fox Sterlingworth, 16ga pre WWII = 2 3/4" Length of chamber is easy to determine ... use a caliper or magic mark a 2 3/4" loaded round and if the end is scraped = 2 1/2" ... or run a chamber gauge into the bores .... https://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/measuring-tools/shotgun-chamber-gauges/shotgun-chamber-gauge-prod593.aspx
  19. Ike, bet money ... Yes! Prepared by Vista Sports who published also they are hiring 300 employees to reduce their $1 billion backlog Even money says- lowest production product in the Que
  20. FyI .... bullets 0.001 to 0.003 over groove diameter don’t need to be resized. Will obturate perfectly
  21. Why would you want a single barrel trap shotgun with a 32" barrel for SASS?
  22. Ideal 348 bullet, 250gr ... unknown mold for those in the can
  23. https://pocketsense.com/happens-someone-steals-money-order-7863.html MO cashed at post office, file a small claims court issue on the person that cashed it
  24. Allie, it’s like trying to herd cats ... failure to read Flip side, they posted in the correct forum....
  25. Thanks Eliphalet ... if I may suggest change the title line to SASS Events Wire Postings and identify there is an Events Wire where events are to be posted in. Otherwise folks are going to ignore the SASS Wire Forum title
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