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  1. Buy a Track of the Wolf 38 caliber compression plug with the Lee die. Bevel the nose slightly less than .379 to easily slide into the case. Adjust the die so the plug goes down to the base of the bullet and flares the mouth your desired width. Not much is needed just so 1/2 of the bullet base sits in the case. You have your 38 Colt expander die that does not bugger the case mouth. https://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/225/1/DIE-38-COMPRESS $18.00 investment Other option is buy the Lee Universal Expander die set I gave up long ago using the die set expander
  2. Pee Wee, suggestion ... put a MVA 2” vernier sight with a Hadley Cup on the tang. Not a Lyman or Marbles type peep sight. For the fore sight, buy from MVA a Beach combination globe sight that has a pin head. The pin head is calculated to aim at the bottom of the ten ring to make center hits..... Good Luck PS: with a 3” vernier, Hadley Cup and globe foresight with interchangeable inserts, I can print in the 10 ring with a few center hits at 1000yds on a good day and minimal wind and mirage
  3. I was at Ridgway one day with my 45 Colt 1860 Uberti. Loaded with black powder, plain LP primers and 300gr Casull bullets .... after several sighter s at the Rams at 500m, dropped 2 in a row, took a picture and finished the bank .Pistol calibers can be used for long range shooting with accuracy re: SASS ‘long range distances’ I sight all my rifles in at 200 and 300yds that are used for longer NRA distances and yes, I do use CCI Br-2 primers also
  4. Try again ... https://www.google.com/search?q=OPMMVATC&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-m
  5. Kid, 2 out of 3 are winners.. Match grade primers is not. Shoot mid range to 600yds and long range to 1000yds and many of the smokeless & black powder reloads are plain LR & for Black powder, plain LP to reduce briance
  6. Kid, have you ever considered reducing the size of you shooting black powder that’s always in your profile?
  7. Sounds like you need to take it to a gunsmith
  8. Dan ... a lot of work including a new cylinder ...
  9. If primer costs go $50 or higher after this current episode, the manufacturer’s will be gouging unless labor costs go up materially. Just before the shut down, I paid $38 a brick for Federal LR and LP
  10. Weigh the case of 4F and compare to 16gr of 3F doing 870 FPS with a 158gr bullet. Would believe it would be about sonic, so you make the call option, mix the 4F with 2F
  11. Unfortunately, there are very few Liberal Democrats in Texas that hat have not read and understand the words of the Constitution. who will sucking toilet water in the next Election with the NRA as her next door neighbor
  12. Let’s hope the prediction is correct... This bill has a 2% chance of being enacted. Factors considered: The bill's primary sponsor is from the state/territory: TX. The bill's primary sponsor is a Democrat. The bill is assigned to the House Judiciary committee. (Factors are based on correlations which may not indicate causation.) Predictions are by Skopos Labs.
  13. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/117/hr127/text/ih What will be the impact on gun owners and SASS?
  14. The sweetest, easiest to handle and aim ... percussion on the market ... https://www.budk.com/1851-Navy-US-Marshal-Black-Powder-Pistol-44-Calibe-47514.
  15. TK ... have the butt stock back on yet ... friends would like to know ?
  16. https://www.xsteeltargets.com/collections/on-sale-now?fbclid=IwAR2OvE63xGZk4L3_IcdSVTaVr_dYVQzqcm90-nq5rq3fWDH2_-beKqHQOXI More ... https://special.yankeethunder.com/optin-431034721600963742487?fbc_id=23846742071680161&fbclid=IwAR3_Pwm_I1ZvdepUW0sYsLk_ZCzGiPNv9reQXee_piMsbZaz6ARBZwfL16s%2Baem_Ad0ld9KTror7_Y-FzDj_u4xfkPkNWke77RGAzHU0h1-5pen3Wgu3AGoA0OvVEitDzj6e8goLQAyPmfIO0U47kGYwlhTo4gO7arYa5NIHFvmPd-NlSwINiVux0ASvIWMUAZs.
  17. They are just a little smaller than a 32 or 38 splashy on the plate, so look closer Spotters
  18. ... and these primers, Ramsets don’t need a powder charge. Pick your velocity from the following chart ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powder-actuated_tool Only issue would be the need for a rimfire firing pin. The can be used in rimfire caliber cases that have been modified to use a primer. Check Roberson Cartridge Company for available calibers
  19. John Boy

    Lead shot

    Friend walked in the door with a 50# bag of 7 1/2 ... Happy Birthday
  20. Have not shot it in a match, but took a Rossi 38 Spl and it is now a 32-20
  21. http://stevespages.com/429p_4_200.html
  22. 200gr .... Titegroup From 5.0 grains to 6.2 grains PS Marshal ... there are loading data links in SASS FAQ for both smokeless and black powder
  23. One of the reasons all my pots are ladle dips
  24. Warden’s post is the best source. eBay was definitely over priced
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