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  1. Ji, thaks for the link ... they have an awesome variety of bullets
  2. Nawlins, if you shoot fast enough, the heat on the barrel won’t catch up to your fingers
  3. Evil, how many molds are there in the estate? Key to selling lot or individually. Next, Lee, then new Lyman then Lyman/ Ideal and Ideal are the increasing price ranges. You will see this on eBay. Now, value is dependent on how scarce or popular a mold is ... depending on caliber. Round Balls, cheap. 38 Spl and 30-30 a little more expensive ... the odd balls, 32-20, 32-40, 38-55, etc run much higher. And I doubt the estate has any of the Ideal Perfection molds (0ne mold adjustable or many weights) but if so, depending caliber ... up to $300 List the mold names and mol
  4. Paid the fee, now $300, took the test and passed ... then one can ship primers ... While FedEx allows the shipment of hazardous materials, they must be shipped in compliance with 49 CFR 172. ... And no, you cannot ship primers unless you have hazmat certification. You can get that from Fedex for $150.
  5. Don’t believe that used primed empty cases Are ship able if one doesn’t have the license
  6. Looked thru the 22LR and black powder ammunition ... common product post ... “subscribe to out of stock” And if the black powder rounds were in stock, one would have a separate job to buy the ammo. Very happy to have bought brass at the ‘old’ prices and be a reloader
  7. Shadow, much thanks ... one more unknown knowledge information added I never heard of anyone buying strips and using the RCBS tool to place loose primers into
  8. All primer production goes to produce ammo Vista Outdoors ... Business sense, $0.03 for primers ... $0.95 per round of 9mm ... make the stockholders happy
  9. Thanks Shadow ... had zero knowledge RCBS made such a primer tool. Guess they won’t be selling such a tool anymore and those that have one can put it on eBay ... or reload their strips with loose primers
  10. A Chaparrel 40-60 .... bought one and it was a nightmare to get it to be a repeating lever action. The bolt, lifter arms were totally made and installed wrong. Drove to Charter Arms, Service Center in CT and spent a half day picking and changing parts. Accuracy though? Excellent out to 200 yds, MOA groups
  11. OK, what would one want to buy firearm primer on strips? Firearms are not nail guns where strips are only used
  12. https://www.westernjournal.com/dem-rep-unveils-radical-bill-yet-gut-2nd-amendment-require-mass-registration-guns-approval-psychologist-buy-ammo/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=westernjournalism&utm_content=2021-02-12&utm_campaign=topweekly
  13. Best to call Cimmaron to determine if 32-20 is built using 38 Spl/357 components. If so, the issues are *. Magazine tube too large, creates round slop entering the cartridge slop *. Cartridge stop will not properly hold the non chambered cases in place causing lifter jambs *. Bottom of chamber will need to be cut on the bottom to allow round not jamming when chambering * Right side cartridge will either need to be shimmed or properly tightened to guide the round into the chamber holding it correctly positioned on the carrier If they say all components are 32-20 and on
  14. Pick your bullet weight ... http://stevespages.com/357p_7.html
  15. When this pandemic is over I sure hope folks have learned - over demand and no supply and the vultures are the only winners putting their pre-pandemic inventory out at astronomical prices. Supply will come back, so stock up slowly with a year's inventory on hand or Pay Later if it should happen again. I read the 2019 tea leaves when gun purchase numbers started going through the ceiling- bought 4 bricks total of Federal LR and LP at #39.00 a brick. Thankful that I did to add to existing inventory
  16. I’d take up darts before I’d pay scalper prices.....
  17. Mother Nature has had a method since creation ... jus hold the barrel over the magazine with your thumb, index and middle fingers. Magazine lever slides right between your fingers. works for me but if ya have stubby fingers, use a different method
  18. Whenever any firearm fails to do a slip hammer firing, they have a disconnect to the sear. No disconnect, have at it.
  19. Pit, Bull, a good loading data website for your calibers by bullet weight .... http://stevespages.com/312p.html
  20. Buck, if the side of the rim was cut off so that prong missed the rim, believe that could be an easy fix. Other option would be to constant Jeff Roberson, explain to him about the two prongs and have them modify the rim area ... just thinking out load
  21. Do not destroy the value of the originals, just order the proper rim fire cases: 44 RF 1860 Henry ... https://www.rccbrass.com/product/44-henry/ 44 RF 1866 ... same ... https://www.rccbrass.com/product/44-henry/ Next, buy some 6mm Flobert Primers, reload and shoot em Or, skip the powder charge, just use a RimSet BROWN primer with the seated bullet
  22. Thanks Vic, deleted the Canadian store
  23. Small selection, a little over priced but not scalpers prices .. .. In Store, Shyda’s, Lebanon, PA, primers and caps. ... https://www.shydasoutdoorcenter.com/shooting/brand/cci-primers.html In Store, Fleet Farms ... https://www.fleetfarm.com/brand/reloading-primers/_/N-840697569. Store Locators .... https://www.fleetfarm.com/sitewide/storeLocator.jsp. Cleaver Firearms ... https://www.cleaverfirearms.com/Products.aspx?Category=Primers&Brand=15
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