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  1. Put a post here if anyone is interested sell theirs ... http://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/board,89.0.html
  2. PWB, your back on my nightly prayer list for comfort and healing
  3. Here's the application form ... http://www.locktonaffinity.com/nrains/forms/ArmsCare_Plus_Firearms_Liability_Insurance_Application.pdf
  4. Grits - Done! 100 rounds with Titegroup that will average 1260 fps!
  5. Grits, just finished hand loading yesterday - 150 rounds of 22LR with BP to the existing stash using a new Old West 3X 40gr mold that casts like a dream! Believe I'm going to load a 100 or so with smokeless just for S&G's. I've got it down 35 minutes per a box of 50 For the other 21 calibers - all reloads including shotshells
  6. http://reloadammo.com/4570load.htm
  7. Powder Inc - Skirmish ... https://powderinc.com/shop/page/2/
  8. 45 Long Colt ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.45_Colt 44-40 ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.44-40_Winchester
  9. Damage: The NRA policies even covers scopes! I had $1,400 worth of Unertl & Fecker scopes under the salt water that was paid to have these 2 scopes repaired. Two Bushnell's were total loss and they paid replacement value for both
  10. Have the $2500 and additional $10,000 insurance through Lockton. Salt water from Super Storm Sandy got into my safes. For each firearm damaged, provided Lockton with repair estimates from my gunsmith that amounted to a tad over the $12,500 coverage. Received an immediate check less $200 of my coverage. I still carry the NRA insurance and the additional insurance from Lockton. Zero complaints and did do a cost comparative with other insurance providers including USAA that I have my other personal property insurance with
  11. Virgil Ray Hality Col Nathan Riddles Mohave Gambler Howdy Doody Pigeonroost Slim Mean Matt McCord Big Ed - driven off the Wire by Chiz!
  12. Club A: Lunch included in Match Fee - total cost $11 Club B: No Lunch
  13. Hearing aid wearer here: * I have two pairs - Expensive - Rexton & Sonic * They are multi channel and I had the last channels to cut out at 80 decibles when I shoot * Accordingly, I can click on several of the channels to hear spoken words at a match and click on the last channel when I shoot Bottom line - get the aids tuned to hear and cut out when shooting
  14. Yusta - Federal trays are larger than the Winchester trays. How do you control the primers that spill all over?
  15. ... I detest the way Federal packages their primers. Makes it hard to dump the tray with the majority of the primers bottoms down So, here's the fastest way I've determined to charge the Dillon tubes: * Dump the primers onto a cotton towel * Lightly rub the primers with the palm of your hand * The bottoms of the primers roll over face down on the towel * Bada Bing Bada Boom into the tube ... Done the Jersey Way!
  16. St Louis - I like the idea of knowing the primer lot number I also shoot a lot of BPCR reloads for my non SASS reloads. The same information on my SASS reloads also is on the box but I use a pencil written label on the inside of the lid with additional information: * Grade of powder * Compression of the powder * COL of the round * Two columns for my vernier settings: Yards and Meters with vernier readings applicable to 100 - 200 - 300 -385- 400 - 500 - 600 - 700 - 800 - 900 and 1000 based on the distance they were shot for a given day. Reason for using a pencil is because the vernier
  17. For clarity ^ future reference, I put the following information on the boxes: * Bullet name * Diameter * Weight * Alloy Ratio * Powder charge * Brand of powder * Date of reloads Also a label on the side of the box for easy identification for stacked boxes All done with a Dymo label maker Did I miss any information?
  18. OneDrive works perfectly and both links could be viewed using Microsoft Office Picture Manager. If one doesn't have Microsoft Office = the links won't open
  19. Dead on Grits ... but he sure brought black powder into the smokeless powder era and basically said ... ' Bye, bye to those worn out toggle link issues I read he took only a $50,000 check instead of taking royalties
  20. I own three: two 45LC's and a 38 Spl converted to 32-20
  21. Lee 20 Lb. Lead Melting Magnum Melter - have three, have worked every time I plug them in, thermostat holds a steady temperature and really have no desire to buy another brand after casting thousands of bullets with these pots. Reason for 3, I keep specific alloys in each for Cowboy - BPCR and Schuetzen bullets. For odd ball alloys, have a Lee 5 pound pot that hasn't failed me either. All pots are over 10 years old
  22. Made to Title but not the post ... Colt 51 Navy US Marshal. Like them so much, haven't used the '58 NMA's in years! Want a pair, $500! http://www.checkpointcharlies.com/ecommerce/handguns/antique-handguns/f.lli-pietta-colt-1851-navy-u.s.marshall-.44,-fully-engraved.html
  23. Been using hot glue for years - perfect seal & zero bore issues
  24. Coffinmaker - I too would be on the early list BUT ... in NJ, I have to obtain 2 permits 1st to buy BP cap & ball revolvers! Then they have to be shipped to an FFL!
  25. 36 Caliber - $395 3.5" Barrel 41.6 ounces Micarta Grips Laser engraved stainless I do believe a pair of my 58 NMA's will be sold to get these!
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