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    1. Navy Six

      Navy Six

      Hi John, just saw your reply about cap availability. I'll be leaving in about 20 minutes--soon as Gregg Sherwood gets here--on our way to Dixons & Cabelas. Say a prayer for me to NOT break the bank as its too cold to be thrown out on the street and i don't think Patti or the dogs would like it!! Let you know later what I find. Pat

  2. One more:

    45-70 Lyman 457124 387gr Lyman#2 Starline CCI LR XMP5744 29.1gr 1391fps

  3. Here's another:

    45-70 Lyman Paul Matthews 497gr 0.338BC 1:10 Starline CCI Br2 XMP5744 28gr 2.642COL 1226fps

  4. Lee 459-405HB 405gr 0.307BC 1:20 Starline CCI LR IMR 4350 48gr NA 2.565COL 1200fps Crimp

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