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  1. PS: you can bend music wire cold with pliers. Cut with a pair of dykes or a dremel with a cutoff wheel.

  2. You need a micrometer, a piece of .041 music wire and a drill press. Knock out the old spring. Drill a .041 (or close) hole going through the slot and .140 into hand.degrease hole and end of wire. Dip end of wire in some JB weld and tap into hole.Let set overnight. Bend and cut to original shape and length. I also used a center punch to peen hole and slot shut. Not hard to do. Good luck Jackson

  3. We played a little different game...luckily back then the police still had a sense of humor, so when they caught us in public, shooting or sniping each other(sometimes with a date, trying explaining that!) we simply got a smirk and "uh, you probably shouldn't do that". Trying carrying a PGP concealed 24/7....

  4. Howdy Jake! Its amazing how time flies, doesn't seem that long ago my buddies and i were chasing each other around with those PGP's!

  5. Wow

    You brought back a lot of memories with the PGP post. Paintball was in its infancy when I started. We ran 15 man teams then. I had 3 of the PMI guns, They shot great, consistantly in hot and cold weather. Carried my 68 Magnum in a violin case...Style points!

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