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  1. On 4/8/2024 at 5:52 AM, Ozark Huckleberry said:

    Y’all do realize that the majority of suggestions for aliases (and a lot of active aliases as well) are basically the punchlines for knock-knock jokes?

    And they said you weren't observant.


    Knock knock!

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  2. Looking for one empty case and one jacketed bullet.  Making a black lacquered swagger stick like I had when I was a 2LT in 1965.  My kid sister gave to me when I was commissioned and it just vanished about 35 years ago.


    No one seems to make them any more, but I met this guy with a lathe, the skills, and the  dimensions.  :D

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  3. Harry had SASS contact me with his phone number few years ago, so I called him.  Took three tries to get a lady to answer and put him on the line but we had a good talk.  I think he was living somewhere here in Arizona by then, but I don't remember just where.


    I tried a few more times but couldn't even get anyone to answer the phone.  


    He was a charter member of the Grumpy Lunch Bunch and really liked to cafe at the Chino Airport and the Iron Skillet on Ontario.


    I'll always remember his sense of humor and friendliness.


    RIP my friend.. It is an honor to have known you.


    4T Rod

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  4. I'd like to have something like That, just because it's cool. 


    My dad had a lot of old tools that he restored.  Over the years they vanished one by one.  I have few (VERY few) that I managed to save, a Yankee drill and Yankee screwdriver, a massive block plane, and som lesser stuff.

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  5. 2 hours ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:

    Did y'all know that using WHITE canvas on covered wagons in a parade celebrating the Oregon Trail migration is RASIZT!! :ph34r:


    Oregon-California Trail Timeline – Legends of America


    The organizer of the event has ordered that the covers be "colored" (i.e. anything other than WHITE). :rolleyes:


    I'd boycott the whole shi--eree and tell everyone why1

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  6. On 4/20/2024 at 3:50 PM, J-BAR #18287 said:

    Ridden by too many overweight SASS members:



    That poor old soldier deserves a peaceful end to his carrer.  That makes me both sad and angry.

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  7. 51 minutes ago, Big Sage, SASS #49891 Life said:

    I earned at BS and a MBA and I didn't pay a cent for them. Football scholarship and the company I was working for paid for my Executive MBA. Guess I should hang my head in shame....NOT!

    You traded something of value to someone.  That is a form of payment, so you don't need to hang your heard in any company ever.

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  8. 4 hours ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:


    There were several scholarship programs for WWII vets returning after the war.  I worked for a lawyer who attended law school at my alma mater on a full ride, despite never obtaining an undergrad degree.  This was a private program, funded by the law school, intended to help to compensate for the time and opportunities the vets lost by being out of the normal flow of school and work.  My memory is that the admissions dean at Harvard ran a similar program.  There were (and still are) folks who want to do the right thing.




    Again, NOT free.  He earned it, just paid it off in advance.

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  9. 11 hours ago, watab kid said:

    nothing is free - someone is paying for it ,


    ill add that my daughter got a 'free ride' at a couple different universities but she worked it off coaching in one case for a masters and the other masters was paid by an employer that wanted to keep her , her startup was playing ball and she worked her tail off for that too , 

    Now, see?  That ain't free.  She's paying her way as she goes along.

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  10. 14 hours ago, Michigan Slim said:

    My daughter is getting a free ride(mostly) at Purdue University. All she needs to do is do well, and her employer picks up the tab. She works full time for a very good company that see her potential like her mom and I do.

    She's earning it just for being as good as she is and having someone recognize that fact.

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  11. 20 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    https://www.tvc.texas.gov/education/hazlewood/#:~:text=The Hazlewood Act is a,of higher education in Texas.


    The Hazlewood Act is a State of Texas benefit that provides qualified Veterans, spouses, and dependent children with an education benefit of up to 150 hours of tuition exemption, including most fee charges, at public institutions of higher education in Texas. This does NOT include living expenses, books, or supply fees.

    Note: You have to be a Texas Resident when you enlist. 

    Not free.  Some vet earned tha tfor them.

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  12. 20 hours ago, Chicken Rustler, SASS #26680 said:

    Pretty sure CA still gives a free ride to state colleges for dependents of veterans, even if they're a straight white male.

    That isn't free.  Someone earned that for them.

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  13. I may have mentioned two of my great grandfathers who were Confederate soldiers.  One was  scour for General Sterling Price and the other signed up and was on his way with a few others to get uniforms weapons, and cetera when a Yankee patrol captured them and he spent the rest of the war in a POW camp in Michigan.


    Well, I recently was given some of Mom's papers that my sister had ever since Mom passed.  Sis didn't know, nor did she much care, what they were.


    Four eight and a half by fourteen photo copies of pay records for Private Robert C. Owens (My grandmothers uncle and brother to the one who was a scout) of Captain Landis' Company, of Light Artillery, CSA.  There are four pay records per page and start on December 8, 1862.  There are some gaps because the next one, dated  July (can't read the day) 1862.  Skip ahead and he is on the Roll of Prisoners of War, captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863 and now living at Camp Morton, Indiana.


     He was released January3, 1865 after refusing for the entire time he was a prisoner to accept parole and finally taking the oath of allegiance to the Union at Camp Morton, Illinois.  He was released at Gratiot Street Prison, Saint Louis, Missouri.  He was described as  dark complexion with brown hair and black eyes, standing 5'7 3/4" tall.


    One more brick in the wall.  :D

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